Amadore Chronicles: Book 1Mature

The very first story my mind invented at age 13.
All dragons, witchs, demons, pirates, gods and general fantasy - hope you enjoy :)

Amadore Chronicles: Book 1

Part One: Out Of Place

Introduction: The Cold

I woke up with a start, the inkling of my dream still tainting my mind. I knew it was a surreal mix that included nightmarish features, but the actual images were already escaping my mind. All I knew was it scared me. I placed my face in my hands, forcing my breaths to slow. Finally, when I was no long hyper-ventilating, I gazed out the small window to my side. I was on a second-class flight from London to Florida. My dad had been offered a big promotion. He accepted before I was told. He thought a new start was good for me. He doesn't understand that no matter how many times he moves me, I will always get bullied. The problem is, I stand out. Long black hair and pale skin means people usually make goth jokes. I can accept that. It's my eyes that earn me the freak flag. Their a shocking, vivid violet. What makes it worse is that I actually am a freak.

I see auras. I know that sounds weird, but trust me. It gets stranger. When I touch another person I sometimes get a image, a snapshot from their life. Usually it has something to do with their current line of thought. I have a feeling there's something else I can do. But I really just don't want to know what.

“You should get some sleep.” I heard dad say beside me before returning to the work notes on his laptop, his aura a milky grey colour. This plus the dark bags told me he was the one who needed sleep, not me. I let a minuscule sigh leave my lips and rested my head on the cool glass. Outside it was a veil of blackness, occasionally obscured by a nearby dark blue cloud. I tried to crane my neck to see what was below. But the window didn't allow such a thing. I let out another sigh, fogging up the glass in doing so. Without much thought I reached up and drew a triangle. Yup, this flight went over that particular mythical area. I'd loved to say I was a skeptic and didn't buy into the legends of it. But considering my odd abilities, what is there I can't believe in? I felt my eyelids drift shut and the familiar dream began.

I was back there, in the beautiful, familiar green meadow surrounded by fiery trees. Their autumn leaves littering the soft grass beneath my feet. I breathed in the sweet smells of nature with closed eyes before looking up ahead. There was the small gap in the tree line before me as always. I knew it was strange that awake, I never recalled these details. I pushed away those thoughts as my child-like curiosity led my bare feet over the dew-covered grass to the gap. Occasionally a girlish giggle escaped my lips as the grass tickled my feet. Flowers of various colours brushed my ankles and from time to time a soft crunch would reach my ears as I stood on the brittle orange and red leaves.

I reached out a hand, letting my soft fingertips brush over the harsh surface of the dark, oak bark.

“Kira” The cool wind called as it brushed past my pale skin.

I continued to listen to the childish urges within and the soft voice of the wind, spotting a low branch I pulled myself up. The white dress I wore billowed lightly in the breeze as I climbed higher and higher, until all I could see was orange sun beams streaking through the veiny leaves. A smile spread over my face as I reach the tree top. Then I watched in awe as the sun began to set, and the beautiful hues spread over the horizon. I said a silent goodbye to the sun as it disappeared.

Everything changed. I knew it the moment the goodbye faded from my mind. Darkness fell, choking my small, helpless form. The air grew cold and harsh. The leaves and branches that had once been a protective blanket blew and rocked unsteadily in the strong gale. The child-like innocence was gone, leaving raw, undiluted fear. Twigs whipped my body, cutting both the white material and my pale skin. I struggled to escape the spider-like tree. The leaves shining like a deadly web. I managed to escape the leaves and gazed at the open, meadow floor below me. The flowers and soft grass were hidden from view by an all-encompassing mist. It seemed to be alive and small tendrils escaped its mass. Its cold fingers reaching for me. I uttered a small, powerless sob, trapped between two chilling places.

The mist brushed my skin, causing my being to shiver. I could feel my lips turn blue. My body gave up shivering. My mind willing me to just sleep. But I was already asleep...wasn't I?

The End

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