Epilogue: Denial

They say that the first step of getting better is admitting that you have a problem.  Emily was stuck in the denial stage, and the only way she knew how to cope was starving herself, so obviously she did not stop.  She was admitted to the hospital later that week, only to be released (sadly) a full year later.  She still looks at food with disgust, only she has regained the ability to try certain dishes, her favourite anything with cheese.  

She still denies the fact that she ever had a problem, but her therapist is helping her deal with and understand it.  As a girl of sixteen years, her life has turned upside down with her perfections demanding to be met.  I hate having to watch her turn her life to this, but as her older brother, it's my job to protect her.  My only regret is not having noticed it earlier.  

The End

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