Is There Such Thing?

Krista was dying.  It had been just a few months since the girls had stopped eating, but that was enough to drop her to a measly 67 pounds.  At 15 years of age, that was so unhealthy that many doctors were curious about why she hadn't had fainting episodes or other symptoms.  The truth was, Emily was a better anorexic that Krista, for Krista gave in and began binging and purging every week that she went without food.  Monday through Saturday, she wouldn't eat, and when Sunday came around, she would gobble up anything and everything that she could get her hands on.  After the feast, she would drag herself to the tile flooring of the bathroom and stick her fingers down her throat, triggering her gag reflex and tossing up every last crumb of her meal.  Emily went to visit her at home; there wasn't a cure any more.  Krista's throat was destroyed from all of the vomiting she had done, and was unable to speak.  

"Is there such thing as being too skinny?" Krista wrote in a note to Emily, showing it to her.  

"No," Emily replied, her voice going hoarse.  "You're perfect."

And, in Emily's opinion, she was telling the truth.

The End

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