Mothers...they just don't get it...

"Look at my baby," her mother said as she admired the way Emily looked in the new red dress that she had just bought.  Sure, they would have to take in the waist an inch or two, but looked gorgeous on her! Emily's aunt was getting married the next month, and Emily had been asked to be a junior bridesmaid. 

"Babies don't go to high school, mother!" Emily cried, pulling away and glaring at herself in the mirror, hot angry tears stinging her eyes.  She finally hit the double digits again, but that wasn't low enough.  She knew that 94 was good, but 80 was even better.  She knew that if she hit that, then 75 would be perfect!  Perfect...what a fun really rolled off of Emily's tongue...she wanted to be perfect so badly...

"You'll always be my baby," her mom said with a chuckle.  "Now go on and get changed, and I'll fix you up a grilled cheese sandwich.  I know it's your favourite!" 

"I'm not hungry," Emily said, picking up her jeans and slipping them on under the dress, then pulling it off and replacing it with her purple t-shirt.  Come to think of it, her mother thought, the jeans were looking a little bit too big on her.  

"Alright, hon, but let me know when you are!" she said, hugging her daughter and draping the dress over her arm.  "I love you!"

"Love you, too," Emily said with a weak smile, closing the door behind her mom as she walked out.  Her eyes wandered around her room, landing on a picture on her desk of Krista and her.  They were maybe ten years old in that picture, grinning devilishly at the camera in a bouncy castle.  It was Krista's birthday, and her birthday dress was a little bit too big for her, even then.  

Emily hated to admit it, but she thought that she looked fat in that picture.  Her stomach was hanging over jeans and peeking out from her t-shirt...well, not any more, she thought.  This new diet meant no more fat pictures!  She looked at herself in the mirror and thought that she looked good.  Not perfect yet, but good.

Krista looked good, too...her legs looked like chicken legs, thin and gorgeous as she walked...boys stared at her, mouths agape as she strutted down the halls in her short shorts...her stomach was so thin that she was almost invisible if she turned sideways...

However, all false beauty has a cost. It was only when Krista stopped coming to school that Emily considered the possibility of something being wrong...but she couldn't stop now, no, she was on a roll!  

The End

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