"Come on, digits!" Emily screamed at her scale, kicking it.  "Move!"

But the digits stayed at three, telling her that her weight was, in fact, 100 pounds even, no matter how much she kicked, screamed or plead.  It wasn't fair, she thought.  Krista was perfect at 90 pounds, and somehow wanted to be less.  How could she weigh so little, when Emily was so huge?  

Maybe it was the food, like Krista had told her.  No food equals no weight.  But...Emily loved food!  She needed food to live!  Well, she thought, looking at the scale, if Krista doesn't need food, why should I?

So, Emily began skipping breakfast.  She would sneak in a little wafer-thin mint period three instead of having lunch, tossing out the sandwiches her mother would make for her and saying that she was buying lunch every Friday.  Krista was not talking to her since the first day of high school, but Emily hoped that with skinniness returned Krista.  She wasn't sure, but it was worth a shot.

The End

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