It was the first day of high school, and Emily had already lost three pounds in the four days since the talk with Krista.  Skipping lunch was easy, since her parents were out with friends.  They told her to eat when she was hungry before going out the door, and even though her stomach growled the whole time that they were gone, she didn't have a bite.  

"Still not enough," Krista snarled at Emily at the locker upon finding out they were paired together.   

"But I only weigh 107 pounds!" Emily told her, her eyes wide.

"Three digits," Krista said condescendingly, clucking her tongue in disapproval.  "Drop it to two, and I'll consider being your friend."

"Krista!" a girl with long, flowing blond hair and sea-green eyes called, rushing up to the locker.  "Omigosh, I missed you!"  It was Maggie, a girl that went to their elementary school.  She was the one with the fanciest clothes, the most perfect hair, and, most of all, the smallest waist.  She had boyfriends who claimed to even be able to put one hand around her whole waist!  

"Maggie!  Kiss-kiss!" Krista said, air-kissing Maggie as Maggie did the same.  "You look so good!" 

"I know, right?" she exclaimed, twirling and modeling her pink short skirt and sparkly top.  Then, as she turned back around, her nose wrinkled as she caught sight of Emily.  "Who's this?"

Emily began to introduce herself, but Krista waved her hand dismissively as she said, "The school put us together.  Come on, let's go.  I hear Cameron's looking superhot this year!"

"Alrighty then," Emily said to herself, sucking in her stomach and pinching in her cheeks.  "Day one of high school...terrific."

The End

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