“Alysha De Luca,” says the pretty lady that introduced herself as Rhonda.

I step forward to stand next to two other girls. I want to dance. I feel like singing. Instead, I give myself a mental smile.

I made it. God…. Thank you so much. I look up. What now God? This won’t be the end of our relationship…

Rhonda interrupts my thought when she hands me a package. “This is your contracts, neither of you are eighteen yet, so you’ll need a parent or guardian’s signature as well as your own. Read it through,” Rhonda smiles. “Good luck.”

We are dismissed. The crowd of girls that had been in the lobby of the hotel are all gone. We leave together, “Wow! This will be amazing,” Bianca Bridges smiles.

“For real,” I say softly. As we walk, we talk together. “It’s going to be fun on the plane ride there, that’s for sure.” We laugh all together, “See ya tomorrow at the airport.”

They call out, as they continue on. I had seen the spark of envy in each of their eyes. I run down the street, smiling like a happy idiot, even though the little kids on the block call my name. I don’t stop until I have reached the porch steps.

I take a deep breath and open the door, screaming, “I made it!”

There is a lot of hugs, kisses and congratulations. When it all calms down, I follow Pablo to his office downstairs in the basement. I smile as I take out an envelope. “Here, the money is there. I’ll send you even more when I start.”

He counts it half way, dividing it up, but then stops and counts again. “This is much more than what you owe us.”

“Multiplied by the amount of years you took care of me,” I say timidly.

He smiles and then hugs me, “You’re going to do great. We all know it.”

“Thanks,” I smile. “I should start getting my things together. The plane leaves at five.”

“That early,” he asks.

“Well, we are meeting the agent himself at seven, before that we get a tour,” I say, scanning over the schedule. I find clipped to the contract. “OH could you sign for me please? I’m not eighteen so I need a guardian to sign.”

He grabs a pen and smiles as he signs the four pages. I sign too and smile. “I’m proud of you,” he says.

I just smile, nodding, happily. He gives me a hug before I run off to pack. When Amber comes home from work, she lays ten expensive designer outfits on my bed. “What’s this for?”

“I’ll miss you,” she says softly. “Promise me you won’t forget me.”

“Aww, I could never forget you,” I hug her. “You’re my sister.”

She smiles, “I got them for you so you’ll keep up to date in fashion.”

I laugh. Amber had been my fashion police ever since I got here. Anywhere we went, we had to be a minimum of eleven on a scale of one to ten. “Thank you so much,” I whisper. “I love you.”

“I love you too girl,” she hugs me tighter.

“Aww,” Kent says.

I laugh, “What a great way to ruin a perfect moment.”

The End

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