“Taylor, could you stay home today? I’ve gotta go to work,” Amber says.

“Why,” Taylor groans.

I roll my eyes, but I don’t say a word. Instead, I put my earphones in and blast my music. Taylor has an annoying voice.

Thank you Lord, she’s only my foster sister…

“Alysha, turn down your music! I can hear it from down here,” I hear my foster dad, Pablo, yell.

Taylor nags me. I pull out a headphone. “I said whatever,” I mumble.

“Daddy, Alysha said whatever,” Taylor says in that annoying sing song high pitched voice of hers.

I imitate her and then yell, “Snitch!”

Amber laughs. I give her a mischievous smile. To us, Snitch was half snob and half bitch. We call Taylor a Snitch all the time, but she hasn’t let on. I don’t think she’s got any brains. Amber says that’s why Pablo gives her whatever she wants. “He’s calling you,” Amber says.

I roll my eyes and go downstairs, “Yes Pablo?” Though he was my foster dad, I could never say Dad to him. It felt like I was lying.

“Taylor said you were rolling your eyes when I was speaking to you. Is that true,” he asks.

“I didn’t roll my eyes,” I say. “She’s just being a Snitch.”

“She said whatever,” Taylor exclaims. “I’m not lying.”

“I said that because you were talking,” I say. The younger kids are laughing at her. She stomps her feet and huffs before walking away. “So dramatic,” I take a deep breath. “Anyways, I’ve gotta get going.”

“Where are you off to Busy Body,” Kent asks, teasing me. He was the oldest out of us all, and my favorite foster brother.

“An audition,” I say. I grab a pear from the fruit bowl on the table. “I could be one of five girls to sing it big in Hollywood.”

“Alright, you go get ready,” Pablo says. “But we are talking later.”

“Oh, oops I forgot,” I say. “Yes for sure when I get back,” I say going upstairs.

“You’re really going to do it this time,” Amber squeals.

I smile, “Yeah, I’ve got nothing to lose.”

The End

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