We Are Now


I watch her cry and my heart breaks a little more, if that is possible. The last time I was this close to her was almost a month ago and it had been in the dark, so now I see truly how brilliant her green eyes are and how full her lips are. Her tiny shoulders quickly move up and down with her sobs and all I want to do is hug her. She's wearing an emerald green swimsuit that brings out her eyes and her long blond hair is up in a hair clip. If only she'd told me about her mom sooner, about why she left.

After mom was done telling me everything I'd sat frozen for almost an hour, taking it all in. The hurt on her face every time I told her how I felt, how her actions had made me feel. Not once did I consider how'd she felt about leaving Pueblo or me.

A quick visit to her old house got me the information I wanted from a tired looking Robert. At the beach, it was easy to spot her in the midst of so many tourists. The bright blue umbrella had been one of our favorites as kids. 

"I had no other choice Dylan," she whispers, "I had to let you go, just like you let me go."

"What?" I ask, surprised to hear this confession. 

"You've got a new best friend, like I do back in Toronto, and you've got a girlfriend."

I smirk, of course. "Angela and I are broken up."

"She didn't sound like an ex."

"I can't believe this. I can't believe she visited you," I say. "I'm not with her, Ly, I promise."

She looks at me through tear-filled eyes.

"Unless, you have a guy waiting for you."

She shakes her head softly, still staring at me.

"You know how I felt about you then," I say grabbing her chin. "That doesn't change over seven years."

Then I kiss her, tasting the strawberry lip gloss that she is wearing and smelling the scent of lilacs that envelopes me into the familiar world of our first kiss. I pull away for an instant and see that her eyes are still closed. I smile and peck her lips softly. "And call me Dyl, my whole name never sounded as good coming out of your mouth back then and that hasn't changed now."

I continue kissing her, forgetting the world around us and feeling the longing for her that I'd been craving for so long.

The End

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