Always the questions

35 minute journey with a 4yr old

Check provisions, juice - yup, healthy snack - yup, crisps for when healthy snack doesn't work - yup, nice picture book - yup, (headphones, NO you bad mother, you should always be open to questions from your inquisitive four year old "If you neglect the answers her brain will shrivel" "Really?, can you prove that?" NNNOOOO)

3 Minutes

- "How long more?"

- " 'bout half hour hon, look out the window and watch the nice scenery"

4 minutes

- "what's scenery?"

-"the lovely green fields and farmhouses hon, remember when we talked about how our milk comes from those cows we see in the fields?"

- "But there's cows everywhere, they're booorrring"

(we live in rural Ireland, this is absolutely true, they Are everywhere and  boring)

-"Ok hon, look at the hedges instead, they are changing all the time"

7 minutes

- "They're not, they're the same, and Booorrring"

- "No, they definitely change, there's all kinds of different birds"

10 minutes

- "What kinds? It's just blackbirds"

- "no, no, definitely loads of different birds. Blackbirds, magpies -

- "What are they like?"

- ........."Well mostly black, but with a bit of white under their beaks"

-*Disgusted silence from 4yrd old* will Not last

13 minutes

- "Any other birds?"

- "Yup, definitely, LOADS!!"

- "Like what?"


17 minutes

- "Like lovely robins, with a bright red front under their beaks!"

- "I've NEVER seen one of them!"

(Neither have I, outside of Christmas cards, fairly sure they exist here, but I have no recollection of ever seeing one)

19 minutes

- "Oh well, never mind, you will see one today hopefully!! Keep your eyes peeled!!!"

22 minutes

- "I haven't seen one, anywhere. How long more?"

- "Less than 10 minutes hon, nearly there! Why don't you read your nice book and I'll tell you when we've arived?"

- "Hello?! I'm four, I can't read!"


The End

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