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This story is about a squad in the marines forty second company during a fictional war. It follows the marines from their training all the way to the war. As a disclaimer, the story is meant to be neutral to both sides but your opinion is your own. I'm not in the military, so innacuracies will occur which I apologize in advance for.

0500, Camp Pendleton

Sam had finished saying his goodbyes to his mother and sister at the entrance to Camp Pendleton, a US Marine training base. Sams father didn't come to Camp Pendleton to say goodbye, he didn't believe in the war. But Sam was alright with that, because more than anything, Sam wanted to be the first kid on his block to kill an Asian.

Taking his first steps into a new life, Sam walked through the open gates to Camp Pendleton, meeting up with a couple dozen other new recruits. Eager to embrace his new brothers in arms, Sam made an effort to greet every new recruit he saw. He ended up talking to a bald recruit with an ugly face the most with the name Richard. Richard said "So, you're out from Boston then? Jesus that's a long ways."

Sam laughed "Yeah, my retard of a father wanted a house in California and I couldn't complain at the time, I was sixteen." 

Richard grinned "It's not that bad, I used to live in a car park."

Sam blinked "Car par'?"

"Na, just wanted to hear the accent." Richard proceeded to do a bad imitation of Sams accent. Halfway through his imitation, a burly man with huge shoulders yelled at the recruits "Haul ass to the third building to your left, the one with white paint. Inside, proceed to the first door on your right. Line up two to a bunk, the ones with your names on them."

The recruits walked into the white building, finding themselves in a barracks. They did as they were told and waited. The burly man with big shoulders followed them inside and began to correct how each recruit stood, along with how far apart they were from the bunk, the bed and forcing them into standard issue clothing. Satisfied, the burly man walked down the room and said in a raised voice "I'm Gunnery Sergeant  Nicholas your drill instructor. From this moment you will speak only when spoken to and the first and last words out of your mouths will be sir. You will not refer to yourselves in first person, do you ladies understand that?"

The room echoed with a sir yes sir.  Nicholas frowned "Bullshit, I can't hear you."

A louder reply answered. Satisfied, Nicholas continued "From now on you are all dirt, you are nothing until you become marines. There will be no discrimination, not even towards fags, they are just as lowly as you, do you understand that?" 

The recruits yelled "Sir yes sir!"

Nicholas stopped at Richard and asked "Holy Jesus, do you have any siblings?"

Richard swallowed "Sir, a brother sir." 

Nicholas yelled "Jesus, I'm surprised he wasn't put up for adoption! Then again, not much can be fuglier than you!"

Nicholas moved down the line and continued his speech "I am hard and you will not like me. The harder I am, the better marines you will all become. You will be protectors of democracy. Now familarize yourselves with your footlockers. The combinations will be on a slip of paper underneath them. Memorize the number and give it to me. You have five minutes, then I show you the entrance to hell, do you understand?" 

The recruits yelled "Sir yes sir!"

The End

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