I wrote this a few months ago and just remembered it.. So here it is..

When you're feeling melancholy,

When you're feeling sad or sorry,

When you're anxious or out-worn,

When you're confused, if your heart's been torn,


When you don't want to sleep, eat or drink,

And all you have to do is think,

When you're just blank and you don't know why,

Or when you're too numb to cry,


Don't feel like no-one understands,

I'll be there to hold your hand,

I'll always be there for you,

And I will help you make it through.


When you feel alone or in the dark,

When your shining eyes have lost their spark,

When everything is looking bleak,

When your voice cracks when you speak,


When you can't smile anymore,

When you're frozen to the core,

When you have no words to be spoken,

I will not leave you, no matter how broken.


When the tears cascade down your face,

I will share your despairing embrace,

When you've no fight left to be strong,

I will stay with you, no matter how long.

The End

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