Sticky Thoughts

Physics did nothing to help me forget the vision. If nothing else, it helped me focus more on the weird images I had seen.

I walked home lost in thought. Unanswerable questions swirled around my mind.


I barely noticed when Jeremy tried to follow me for some of my journey, calling out compliments even though I was clearly not listening properly.  Eventually, he gave up.


 I wondered how Declan was. Was he thinking about this vision as much as I was? Or was he being normal, pushing it out of his head and thinking about life in general instead?

I was silent at home - so silent that my family noticed. No one said anything but I could tell they were all thinking 'What's wrong with her?'.

I decided to take a shower. But afterwards, when I snuggled into my bed for an early night, the thoughts returned.

I read a book, which took my mind off the strange land a little, but as soon as I fell asleep, I dreamt again of the winged monsters circling that dark castle...

In my dream, something new happened. A bolt of lightning struck the ground on a patch of land in front of the castle and illuminated a figure standing there. All I could see was a silhouette but I had a distinct feeling that I needed to find this person, to talk to him or her. He or she would explain everything to me. The dream faded and I woke up with a queer feeling like I had lost something. Or rather that there was a missing part of me I had never noticed before.  

The End

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