Unknown Location


I shivered, the hairs on my arms rising straight up. The vision had been creepy, and the castle seemed like it was shrouded in darkness, as if it was being cloaked. And those... creatures that were flying around it: they spelled out creepy. I'd never seen anything like it before. Never in my life.

How had Alice seen the same thing? There was no way that it had been just a coincidence, because not everyone saw a frightening castle of darkness rising from the pits of Hell as it shimmered there in darkness, strange creatures flitting around it in the cold air. So coincidences were ruled out. It has to be related, I thought, looking up at the sky.

On top of that, we'd seen a completely different world it seemed. There was no way that this place was just thrown out there into the USA. I would have seen it, or heard about it before. The castle had been the most unique thing that I'd ever seen. The only place that I'd seen something like it before was from books with dragons or books of myths and legends. But those ones weren't usually shrouded in a black haze. There must be something to it!

I walked as I thought, pacing the length of the field. My mind wasn't into soccer. It was elsewhere. In another world, in fact. This scary place that my mind had shown me-- had it been a figment of my imagination? If so, then how had Alice seen it? I yelled in frustration, kicking up some grass. I shook my head angrilly, the effort of my strange, non-answerable questions reducing my patience greatly. There was no way that that place could possibly exist.

Was there?

Castles did exist around the world. Many of them still stood tall and strong. So what prevented this castle from existing. Or right! The freaky messed up things that were flying around the strange castle! That's it!

"I need to find out where this is!" I exclaimed to myself. The sky in my vision had been blue, like a pane of glass was over the sky, holding thick darkness at bay, but suddenlt the glass had cracked, allowing the darkness to seep through over the fictional building. The grass on the edge between rock and grass had wilted and died, almost giving the impression that the dark kingdom was advancing, destroying the lush of the good side.

I couldn't help but feel a pull to this place, something that was drawing me towards it, wherever it was. There was this thing in my gut, even in my mind! It was trying to drag me away from my world and into some other, unknown one, pulling me into its fictional and mythical world. It couldn't possibly exist outside a human being's mind! The scene had been much to hazy to be real.

And yet somehow, I'd believed every minute of it. It was as if there was something that was sending subliminal messages into my brain that were telling me that it did exist, that it was real. But I couldn't listen. Though my optimism wanted me to believe it, the skeptical part of my brain was refusing to. My head spun.

My mind couldn't even be a safe haven for assault. My thoughts betrayed me, turning into stabbing questions, their points sharp like the tips of swords. The questions swam in the sea of knowledge that was my brain, and I couldn't get away from it. Constant inquiries would interrupt my train of thought each time I tried to decipher what had to be a hidden message in the dream.

I needed to know where this wondrous, frightening place was, otherwise I would go insane. I sat down, and I waited for my teammates to join me on the field. Usually, when people surrounded me, it made me forget about all of my problems. That was what I needed.

The End

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