Post-Vision Reactions


The stunning hallucination ended. I stared at Declan. He looked shocked, like he'd just seen the same thing.

"Did you - did you just see that?!" I asked.

Declan nodded, seeming unable to talk.

"But ... What was that? I've never seen that place in my life."

"Neither have I," he said slowly, sounding like he were testing his voice as if he thought he'd lost it. Hearing that it was fine, he murmured "I wonder what happened..."

"D'you think anyone else saw it?" I asked.

Declan frowned. "It's impossible to tell. And we could hardly go around asking people."

"What do we do? Do we need to see a psychiatrist? Are we disturbed? Why was it both of us? Are we being haunted?" I realised I was blabbering uselessly and stopped talking.

Declan looked relieved and there was also something of a smile in his eyes, as if he liked the fact I'd known when to shut my mouth.

"I don't know what it meant either," he said calmly. "And I doubt there's anything we can do - I'm not going to see a shrink."

I nodded. "Me neither."

I shuddered as I suddenly got a close-up mental image of one of the creatures. "Those ... things were scary, weren't they?"

Declan nodded. "I prefer mythology that stays on paper and in words."

The bell rang.

"I guess I'll ... see you round," I said.

"Yeah," Declan replied.

"Tell me if it ... happens again."

Declan nodded.



I walked off, leaving him on the pitch with his soccer ball.

Weird. Too weird. I pushed it out of my mind. And groaned at the thought of the next hour of Physics.

The End

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