Chapter 3: Eidolon needles

Ro pick the bag up again and handed it to her again. “No, look at it more carefully.”

Vivian stared at the metal block and suddenly notice how the block shifted shape as the bag moved. “A shape shifting scrap of metal?”

“No.” Ro shook her head. “Look closer.”

Vivian stared even harder. She kept staring until her eyes started watering before she noticed a glint of something. Then she gasped. The metal block was no metal block. It was a pouch filled with thousands of needles that were so fine that when put together in a bunch, they looked like a simple metal block.

Eidolon needles.” She hissed instinctively.

“Yup.” Ro nodded. “Needles infused with eidolon energies so that they can fly through almost anything to hit their target. They’re made from a specific type of metal so that the needles can be created so fine it’s almost impossible to see them when they are thrown separately and likewise almost impossible to get out if someone gets hit.”

“Gosh” Vivian shivered.

“Of course, if you have a weapon infused with angelic or heavenly energies, the needles will lose their demonic powers and become regular fine needles because angels always overpower demons.”

“Well you can still use them as invisible needles right?”

“Sure if you want to.” Ro reached for something else that was sitting next to the needles and handed it to Vivian. It was hard and heavy despite its small size. A piece of cloth was wrapped around the outside and an intricate rune was scrawled on the top of it. Vivian was about to open it when Ro stopped her.

“Don’t do that. Not unless you want all of the metal weapons within three meters radius of you to all go flying towards you, and that wouldn’t be a pretty sight.”

“Well, you have in our hand right now a rare type of enchanted rune stone with the ability to attract metal. The cloth wrapped around it prevents it from sucking all of the metal around it.” Ro took the cloth bundle from Vivian. “In order to use it, picture in your mind the thing that you want to attract while holding it in your hand.” She closed her eyes and seemed to be concentrating on something. “And then you open it.” As her hand reached for the cloth, the rune inscribed on the cloth started glowing a bright blue. She removed the cloth, revealing a small gray stone underneath that glowed blue as runes swirled around the stone. Suddenly, a blade hanging from a wall nearby flew off its shelf and clung onto the stone. Ro grabbed the handle of the blade and gently pried it off the stone. “And you can get the blade off if you tug at it gently.”

Vivian looked at him with wonder as she showed her through the whole thing. She did it all so smoothly as if she had been handling things like these for years.

“How do you do that?” Vivian shook her head feeling like an amateur.

Ro smiled at her. “It’s actually really easy.” She handed the wrapped stone to her. “Here, try it.”

Vivian took the stone gingerly into her hands. Now that she knew what it could do, she was almost afraid she was going to do something wrong and then accidentally kill herself or Ro.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to accidentally kill you...”

Ro laughed as she stared at Vivian, “It’s really easy. You know that was the first time I’ve used one before? I don’t think I killed anyone with it yet.”

“Yet?” Vivian stared at him with frightened eyes. “What do you mean by yet?”

“Well, this is the first time. You never know what you can use this for.”

“Oh.” Vivian replied as she stared at the wrapped stone. She eyed the walls of the armory in search for a weapon to attract. She focused on a big blade hanging on the wall nearby and closed her eyes. A picture of the blade appeared in her mind as she concentrated on recreating the image of the blade in her mind. Then, she tore the cloth off the stone.

The End

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