Chapter 3: The Cloth Bag

Vivian close the door and slumped down on it. She stared at her hands with disbelief in her eyes. How in the world did she do that somersault and throw Florian into the ground? And how did she even get up to Emulan’s room that fast? It was as if some subconscious instinct was telling her what to do. She closed her eyes and concentrated hard, trying to reach that something in her mind. Nothing. She sighed and got up from the door. She didn’t really know where to go, so she let her feet guide her, and she ended up back in the armory.

The armory was a large stone room with a low stone ceiling that made Vivian feel slightly claustrophobic. It was dry and cold in the room as she wandered in. She recalled Emulan saying to help herself so she decided to check something out. She went back to the place where she had found her purple daggers. Next to the empty space where her daggers, now in her belt, once sat, were three more pairs of daggers all similar to the pair she had. There was a red one that was radiating off waves of heat. Vivian reached out her hand to touch it and immediately drew it back with a sharp hiss. She stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked on it in pain. That blade was hot! She moved to look at the blue one. As she moved her still burning fingertips over onto the blue blade, she felt as if they froze over and the burning feeling disappear but it was replaced with a sharp pain from freezing. She quickly drew her fingers away. How would anyone be able to handle blades like these? She looked at the green one. She didn’t even need to touch it to smell the putrid smell of poison wafting off the blade. So if each of the blades had a special ability then what was hers? She took them out to study them when she suddenly heard a voice from behind her.

“The purple ones are daggers of speed.”

Vivian whipped around to see a bone skinny girl dressed in an ill fitted baby pink doll dress. She had pale blue eyes and short black hair. Her skin was extremely pale and was set off by the deep shade of red lipstick she had on.

“Who are you?” Vivian hiss at the girl as she tried to back away.

“Actually, I was wondering what you were doing in here.”

Vivian winced as the girl pointed a finger lightly at her, even though her general stature seemed to be more gentle than intimidating.

“I- I just wandered in here.”

“Do you know….” The girl looked around thinking, “Emulan?”

Vivian nodded. “Do you know her?” She asked.

The girl shook her head, “Not really well. My best bud is her friend though”

“Your best bud?”

“ Do you know Jordan?” The girl eyed her questionably.

“I’ve met him...”

“Oh, great!”

The girl extended her arm excitedly to shake hands with Vivian. Vivian hesitantly grabbed her hand and shook it.

“That’s wonderful. I’m Ro, short for Rowan.”

“Ro? What’s wrong with Rowan?”


“But wouldn’t people accidentally think you were a boy?”

“Well, it doesn’t really matter does it?”

“But won’t people laugh at you?”

“No. Not really. In fact more people find it intimidating than funny.”


“But anyways. What were you doing in here? You don’t look like you’re from around here.”

“I-, well, it’s a long story.”

“I like long stories, but of course you don’t have to tell me.”


“Well I can show you something really cool.”

Ro grabbed Vivian by her wrist and led her to an area deep in the armory.

“You look like the stealth type. I could see it from how you acted when you heard my voice.”

“How can you tell?”

“The way you tried to slink off into the shadows even though there were none.”

“Oh.” Vivian’s face reddened a little in embarrassment.

Ro stopped in front of a table and reached for a small pouch. She grabbed a small pouch and handed it to Vivian. The pouch was made of a tightly woven fabric that was extremely tough. She opened it and inside, the gleam of metal shining, sat something that looked like a metal block.

Disappointed Vivian put the bag down, “I’m not a blacksmith, and I don’t work with metal.”


The End

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