Chapter 3: Jordan, Argument

Emulan, after recovering from the warlock incident, busied herself with cleaning up the stairs, washing away the golden ichor that bled out of the Emmie’s Flute. Other than that, there wasn’t much to do. So she stood at the doorway of her room waiting for Vivian to come out. She heard some yelling and wanted to go in and settle the dispute, but it ended fast. She stay out of her room. Minutes later, Vivian opened the door and pulled Emulan in. She saw Jordan standing at the window, his shirt lying on the ground in shreds.

“Jordan, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” He answered curtly. Emulan winced.

“I’m sorry for-”

Jordan turned around and looked at her sharply.

“I don’t want apologies.”

“Well then what do you want?”

“I want a reason why, so I can leave this place knowing I left it for a good reason.”

“Jordan, listen to me.”


“No, Jordan, please, is was by accident.”


“You need to understand!”


“But it was urgent!”

“How many times do I have to say this? ‘N’ ‘O’ spells no which means NO!”

“But...” Emulan looked at him with pleading eyes. “But what if it had to do with her.” She pointed a Vivian.

“Her? I doubt she has any idea where she is, don’t even think about blaming her.”

“It was her. If you would let me explain!”

“Alright, I’m ready to hear your beautifully constructed fabled story.”

“Come on Jordan, I’m serious.”

“Huh, you’re Siryus? Like my supposed father who abandoned me? I think so too.”

“No, Jordan, really.”

“Hey you used no too. It’s my favorite word you know. No no no no no no no no no.”

“Jordan I’m not kidding about this.”

“Me neither. I stopped being a kid last year. Official teenager here.” He patted his chest as if to put emphasis on it.

“Jordan, I’m telling you to STOP IT!” Vivian never saw Emulan so frustrated and the whole room suddenly went quiet. Emulan turned to Vivian.

“Vivian, would you be kind enough to step outside for a second? You can go anywhere you want. I think just need some privacy with Jordan here.”

Vivian could see the pleading look in her eyes. She nodded.

“Hey, why are you getting rid of her? Didn’t you say it was about her?” He stepped across the room and grabbed Vivian’s arm. “You are not allowed to leave.”

“But I think I should.” Vivian slid her arm out of his loose grip. “I’ll be fine.” She managed a reassuring smile.

“But-” Before he could saying thing, Vivian left the room, with the door closing on his face.

The End

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