Chapter 3: Vivian, A fight with the warlock

Emulan dragged Vivian to the armory to quickly grab a sword. She told Vivian to help herself to something too. After some picking, she settled with a pair of light daggers that seemed to give off a purple haze that matched her eyes. With a new pair of daggers in her belt, she was immediately dragged off to the sparring hall by Emulan. Emulan’s face paled as she started hearing sounds of a fight. Bursting into the room, Emulan saw Jordan lying face down on the ground with a large cut on his back. Prince Florian was standing over him, his sword raised. She gasped and ran over to Jordan. Vivian, sensing that Florian was up to no good, leaped onto him, grabbed him by the collar, somersaulted into the air and slammed him hard onto the ground. Prince Florian landed on the wooden floor with a large thud cracking many of the floorboards beneath him.

The other three boys started backing up as they received a glare from Vivian. Florian, lying on the ground in pain, hissed at them, ordering them to fight her.

“You wimpy brats! Don’t you see that she’s just one girl? Go get her!”

The boys stood there not knowing what to do. Florian barked at them again.

“Get your big fat butts moving!”

Finally one of the boys gathered enough courage to go forward. Unfortunately, he didn’t get much past one step before the butt of a dagger slammed him hard in the head, knocking him out immediately. He slumped to the ground out cold, Vivian already back to where she originally stood. The other two boys just dropped their weapons and ran, not even noticing their how wet their pants were. Florian stared at Vivian with a shiver. He didn’t even see her move. All he saw was a glint and then the boy was out cold. She must be an all stealth type. But even then, her speed was insanely fast.

Vivian turned over the see Emulan trying to help Jordan.

“Here just let me see that cut on your arm.”

Jordan was already sitting up and he pushed Emulan’s hand away.

“No, I can do this myself.” His eyes stared coldly at Emulan. He tried getting up just to sink back down in pain. He tried quite a few times, every time refusing to be helped by Emulan. Eventually, Vivian got sick of watching. Just when she was about to say something, she heard a noise behind her and immediately sent out a punch behind her, sending Florian, who was holding a splint of wood from a floorboard, flying into the back wall of the room with a really bloody nose. He rolled over groaning, holding his nose trying to ease the pain. He had never been hurt like this before and he couldn’t cope with the pain. Without knowing it, he lost consciousness.

“That’s 18 unconscious and 2 who ran away peeing.”

Jordan looked up at Vivian surprised at her observation.

“Florian’s unconscious?”


“Heh, he probably never even had a mosquito bite before. Serves him right to be stupid.”

Vivian looked down at Jordan who was still on the ground in pain.

“How about we get you into a bed and then do something from there.”

Jordan didn’t even think of a response when he felt himself being dragged into the air by his collar and suddenly landed onto a bed. It was Emulan’s bed. Vivian had grabbed him and dashed into Emulan’s room through her window, which was on the third level of the house. After Vivian laid him down on the bed, she proceed to looking at his wounds. Jordan was still in a daze from how fast he got here. Vivian slowly peeled off his shirt sticky with blood, revealing his deep golden skin. He had three finger long cuts on his left torso, one long cut down his right arm. There was a deep cut, probably a failed stab, on his left arm, and of course, the long gnash made by Florian on his back. What should she do? Vivian, looking around the room to see if Emulan had anything that could fix him up, she suddenly thought of something. If Emulan still had to return the empty vial the warlock, then that means he’s probably still here, and if Vivian could find him, maybe she could get another one of those vials from him. All excited, she rushed out the door into the stairwell and to her luck, the warlock happened to be wandering right past the door.

“Wait!” The warlock turned around at her shout. He looked like a jolly old man, the type that would normally passed out candy to little kids. But his eyes gave off a poison that made it seem like the candy he passed out was actually deathly poisonous.

“So, it looks like you’re alive.” His voice was dry and raspy.


“Do you have my vial? Those things are very expensive and I would like it back.”

“No, Emulan has it. I gave it back to her.”

“Oh, I see.” The warlock turned back again and was about to walk on again.

“Wait!” The warlock turned around again, this time visibly annoyed.

“What do you want?”

Vivian pause for a second taken back by his short-temper.

“How much do I need to pay you from another one of those vials?”

The warlock eyed her for a moment, pondering about whether it was worth bothering to tell her or not.

“How about some pixie blood? Four gallons would be nice, but since you’re only a fledgling, how about 2 and ½ gallons”

“What?” Vivian couldn’t believe her ears. “What do you mean by 2 and ½ gallons? Do you want some of my blood?”

“Not some, my dear. I want all of your blood.”

Vivian stared at him confused and then angry.

“So what did you make Emulan do?”

That warlock looked annoyed as she mentioned Emulan.

“Oh, that little brat and her father! Her father generously allowed me to sleep with his wife for one night. I thought the offer was way too generous, but you can never be too sure. Well, it turns out his wife was just a pile of ashes! She’s been dead for years!”

Vivian silently snickered.

“But you’re not getting away this time. I want all of your blood. And I want all of it in one sitting. Not just down payment, I want all of it!”

Vivian’s blood started to boil in anger. No wonder why Emulan and her father didn’t bring her the warlock first. She wanted to punch him hard in the face, but somehow, some instinct told her that she would just fail. She tried to suppress the anger building up inside her as the warlock continued push her for her blood. Suddenly, she felt like a vent hole just opened up in her body out of nowhere and all of her anger disappeared into something on her belt. Her Emmie’s Flute. At the same time, she felt like something that was blocking some area of her mind shattered. The previously dim runes began to shine a bright blue and rippled as it brought the flute to life. The golden vine, previously choppy looking from the carving, smoothed out into a real vine that grew out of the flute and create five fingers from golden vine, making the flute look like an arm made of vine.

The flute flew out of her belt and floated in midair. The five fingers rolled into a fist and punched the warlock hard in the face. He didn’t even have time to react to what just happened. Neither did Vivian. She stared at the flute with shock. So this was the power of the Emmie’s Flute. She willed the vines to grow a sharp blade into the hand and it flew up to the warlock’s neck.

“Will you give me the vial or not?”

The warlock looked at her with disbelief.

“Emmie’s Flute? Where did you get the Emmie’s Flute?”

Vivian didn’t know how to respond as the warlock eye her cautiously.

“So are you going to give me it or not?”

Vivian was starting to feel the strain of keeping the flute in place. She could feel it shaking a little and she tried to will it to stop. The warlock sensing this, gave her a skeptical glance. Vivian’s face flushed red as she began to feel the anger build up in her again.

“Ahhh... So it’s feeding off of your anger... I was wonder how you could do that...” The warlock laugh almost too lightheartedly as he reached into his pouch to grab a vial of something. Possibly that golden liquid that he gave to her. He took out a vial that contains a golden yellow liquid, exactly like the one Vivian drank. The warlock sighed and handed the vial to Vivian. Vivian thought that the warlock had resigned a little bit too easily but she reached out to grabbed to vial anyways. Just as her hand was about to reach the vial, the warlock suddenly grabbed a handful of some type of powder with his other hand from his pouch and threw it into Vivian’s eyes.

Temporarily blinded by the sweet smelling powder, Vivian impulsively reached up to get rid of the powder on her face and subsequently lost control over her Emmie’s Flute. The warlock grabbed the flute and the claws on his hand sank into the vines. Immediately, Vivian felt a sharp pain jolt up her arm. She looked down just to see five big claw marks in her arm with blood seeping out of it. A glowing golden liquid started flowing slowly out of the puncture marks and the warlock grinned dangerously as he squeezed harder at the vines. Vivian fell down to one knee holding her arm trying to gain control of her flute again. She squeezed her eyes shut trying to regain focus. She could feel a strand of golden vine floating in her head but it was just out of her reach. The pain began to spread and soon she started having trouble breathing. She fought to stand as she fought the pain. The warlock laughed maliciously still squeezing the flute, most of the light gone from it. A pool of golden liquid gathered at the ground around his feet. She could see the dark light sparkling in his eyes hinting at something.

“No.” She whispered as she watched him about the squeeze the last life out of her flute.

That when suddenly a cold clear voice rang out behind them.

“If you want your potions to survive, I would suggest you let go of the flute now.” Vivian looked up and saw Emulan standing behind the warlock, his potions bag in her hand which was extend out over the edge of the stairwell. She was able to snag it off the warlock while he was intensely focused on tormenting Vivian. If she wanted to, she could let go and bag would fall three stories, destroying everything in it. The warlock whirled around in surprise and almost dropped the flute in shock.

“No- No, don’t let go. I-I’ll let go o-of the f-ff-f-flute. Don’t d-d-dd-d-do anything. P-Please.” As the warlock let go of the flute, she could feel the energy burst through her and the pain ease. The flute, looking strained, floated gently back into her belt where it stopped glowing and the vines disappeared. Vivian sat there feeling herself slowly recovering from the pain. She never thought the warlock could act like this.

Emulan eye him harshly and demanded him hand over the potion first. He sighed a resigned sigh and handed over the vial in his hand. Emulan, receiving the bottle, suddenly flung the bag out of the window and yelled at him.

“Go and catch!”

The warlock’s eyes widened and flung himself out of the window with a loud screech.

Emulan, seeing the warlock gone, suddenly turned pale and grabbed the rail of the stairs shaking.

“Next time, try not to deal with warlocks so directly,” she looked at Vivian trembling. “It’s rather dangerous.”

The End

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