Chapter 3: Jordan, The fight with 20

Jordan looked at the time. It was already 10 minutes past 2:20. If Emulan didn’t show up soon, then the other kids would have the right to kick him out of the hall. He started pacing back and forth in the room again. He could the other boys snickering at him and making plans on how they would kick him out. The clocked kept on ticking and soon enough the dreaded fifteen minute mark arrived. As the clock struck 2:35, all 20 of the boys in the room gathered up and confronted him.

“Looks like your princess friend has abandoned you.” One of the boys sneered.

“Yeah. Look at you, standing all alone in the royal sparring hall. Why don’t you go home to your peasant fields and go play with chickens!” Another boy suggested with his voice dripping in sarcasm.

“Or you could kill a cow. Maybe work on your butchering skills.” Another boy called out with a round of laughs from the back. The boy standing in the front shushed them all and turned to Jordan. It was Prince Florian. Of course.

“Today, we’ve decided to place a bet with you.” All of the boys behind him nodded in consent. “If you can beat all 20 of us then you can stay in here and we’ll leave the sparring hall. If not, I do not ever want to see you near the sparring hall again and you will have to kneel to me every time you see me.” Jordan could hear the snickering and quiet murmurs of the other boys. They obviously thought it would be very comical if they got to see Jordan kneel to Prince Florian every time they met and they thought that there was no way Jordan would actually fight them. He stared at them menacingly.

Jordan was average looking. He had hazel brown hair that glistened in the sun like waves of the ocean and deep sea green eyes that could sometimes, when he was angry, turn a stormy grey. He was an orphan fisher’s boy. Some people said that he had mermaid blood in him. He didn’t know, but his face somehow contained both the sharp features of one mixed in with the soft features assumedly coming from his mother.

Scanning the crowd of boys, his eyes were as gray as a thunder cloud right now. He knew they were messing with him. Maybe he could take on eight or nine of them at the same time, but all twenty would almost be suicide. And it was hardly fair because since they were of royal blood and he was a peasant. They could kill him but the most he could do was knock them unconscious with the butt of his sword. He was disappointed in Emulan for letting him down but he could deal with that later. Or die trying. He didn’t think he would have needed to ever face a situation like this. He trusted Emulan but she let him down. He stared at Prince Florian with his stormy eyes, sending a chill down the Prince’s spine. Whatever the reason was, he decided that he was going to fight.

“So, are you going to fight or are you going to leave?” Prince Florian looked at him with a smirk.

“I am not going to leave.” Jordan growled. “So I hope you have your weapons ready.”
Before the boys could even believe what he just said, Jordan pounced into the crowd and knocked 3 boys unconscious. He slashed his blade out and hit 2 more with the flat of his of blade. Boys ran in all directions scrambling for weapons to defend themselves. He parried a blow from behind and dodged a stab. He flew around the crowd of boys blocking blows and knocking them out with the butt of his sword. It looked almost like water gliding smoothly around a pile of scattered rocks. He danced around the crowd, picking them out one by one.

Soon it was down to four boys. He had a long cut down his arm and his clothes were torn and splattered with his own blood. He stood there trying to catch his breath as the last four boys watched him intensely. Of course, Prince Florian had to be one of the four. He launched himself at them and whirled through their attacks. He was about to knock another one out when one of the boys suddenly tripped him and Prince Florian gave him a large cut in the back. He hit the ground hard with blood dripping down his back. The pain was excruciating. Jordan tried getting up again just to get knocked down by Florian again.

Jordan knew this was the end and he would probably just die here, with nobody knowing, just because he tripped. How pathetic. Just then, when Florian was about to stab him, he heard a gasp and then he saw something fly past him and ram into Prince Florian.

The End

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