Chapter 3: Vivian, Waking up

Vivian woke up with a hell of a headache. She felt like her eyes were trying to pop out of her head and her vision blurred from tears. She tried sitting up and collapsed back down into the bed. Where was she? She settled for a second and tried sitting back up again. Her head still hurt and the room felt like it was spinning. Emulan was sitting in a chair next the bed, staring intently at her.

“What happened?” Vivian’s voice was raspy. Her throat felt dry.

“You started thrashing around and then you blacked out. We rushed you to a doctor and then to a witch doctor. Neither of them had any idea what was happening. We had to bribe a warlock into helping you.”


“Me and my father.”

“Oh. Well did you find out what was wrong?”

“He said that you had a block in your mind and that whatever we were talking about tried activating the memories behind that block. He said that you lost control of your mind and then lost consciousness.”


“He said your fine now. And that you should be careful about what you talk about.”


“And he told me give this to you to drink once you wake up.”

She handed Vivian a small clear vial of some type of golden liquid. It sloshed around the bottle as Emulan handed it to her.


She uncorked the vial and a pungent smell wafted up to her nose. It wasn’t necessarily bad smelling, just really really strong, and it made her head ache even more. She held her nose and drank the whole thing in one gulp. Immediately she felt a glowing warmness flow through her. A few minutes later, she felt completely fine and in fact full of energy.

“He also said that he wanted the vial back.”


Vivian handed the vial to her.

“Can you say anything other than ‘Oh’?”


“That’s not much better...”Vivian clambered off the bed and looked around. She was still slightly unsteady but it disappeared fast. She was in a circular room that was lined with stone tiles that, as uneven as they looked, all merged together perfectly. A long mirror hung from the wall in a golden frame. Next to the mirror was a dark maroon bureau with a small round mirror and a red velvet plush stool made from the same material. Across from the bureau was the bed that Vivian was sitting on.

“Is this your room?”

“How did you know?”

“It was just a guess.”

Vivian sat down again. She looked at a clock on the wall.

“2:30” She read out loud. “So I’ve been sleeping for more than a day?”


Vivian’s gazed moved to Emulan.

“And you said that yeah wasn’t much better.”

“Well I was just teasing.”

Vivian was about say something when Emulan looked as if she suddenly thought of something.

“Oh no! I’m late! I’m supposed to meet Jordan down at the sparring hall at 2:20! He’ll get in so much trouble if I don’t show up!”

“Who’s Jordan? And why will he get in-- ?”

Before she could finish, Emulan grabbed her wrist and dragged her out the door.

The End

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