Chapter 2: Vivian and Emulan, The story of the flute

Vivian was surprised by what she said. It was like she couldn’t even control her own mouth anymore either.

“Um... Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound rude...” she stammered. She saw the other girl’s face change from a surprised frown to a smile and said,

“No, it’s fine. It looks like you’re new here, so do you want to come over and then I can show you around town?”

Vivian’s eyes lit up. “That would be great!”

“Well then hop on!” the girl reached out and pulled Vivian into her carriage. After the carriage rolled away from the banquet hall, Vivian studied the girl curiously. Wasn’t she the one that stood up as the prize to the weird sounding challenge thing?

“What’s your name?”


“Your name.”

“Oh, um... Vivian.”

“Oh, mine’s Emulan.”

“So you were the prize for that challenge thing?”

Emulan looked a little pained as she nodded.

“Yeah. I am.”

Seeing her expression, Vivian decided not to push any further into the conversation. She leaned back into her seat and stared at the intricate interior of the carriage. Suddenly, she felt her hands subconsciously reach for the mysterious flute that she found when she woke up in the bush and started fiddling with it as if she had been using it for a long time.

Vivian studied the flute as her hands played with it. It was made out some type black wood or stone. Probably black ivory. The entire surface was painted with a thin coat of gloss that gave the flute a light sparkle. A gold painted vine was chiseled roughly into the flute and wrapped around the top. The ends of the flute were embellished with sparkling sky blue runes that almost seemed alive.

“Wow... That’s such a neat flute! Where did you get it?” Vivian woke from her trance as Emulan leaned over her shoulder to see what she was fiddling with.

“I don’t know. I just have it somehow.”

“Can I see it?”

“Yeah sure.” Vivian handed over the flute to her. Emulan took the flute, but somehow Vivian’s hands refused to let go. They had to wrench the flute free from her hands. Vivian looked at Emulan with a sorry face.

“I don’t know what’s wrong but sometimes my body just doesn’t listen to me.”

“That must be really terrible!” Emulan took the flute and started studying it. Vivian sat there and tried to keep her hands from fidgeting too much. Without the flute in her hands. She suddenly felt empty, as if the flute was something more than just a flute to her. She watched Emulan looked at her flute, when she noticed the expression on her face. Emulan, holding the flute turned back to her. She stared at her intensely and immediately demanded,

“Where did you find this flute?”

Taken aback by her sudden intensity, Vivian replied,

“I... I don’t know.”

“How can you not know? Do you know the value of this flute?”

“No... I don’t know! I just woke up all of a sudden and there was a flute there!”

Emulan looked visibly frustrated.

“Do you know how many people died trying to find this flute? How can you not know!”

“I just don’t! I don’t even know who I am! All I know is that I woke up all of a sudden in a bush with no idea of who I was or where I was. I didn’t even know my name! I just thought it was Vivian because it felt right! And there was this weird flute in one of my hands and I didn’t know what to do with it so I took it with me!”

All of a sudden Emulan became quiet. She looked around confused.

“Only the most powerful ones could possess Emmie’s flute. Anyone else who touched the flute would incinerate. But that was only in the Xeonx Challenge. How could this thing get out of the arena? Is the rumor true?”

“Emmie’s flute? What’s that?”

Emulan’s eyes were distant. She spoke as if she were reciting something she memorized from a book.

“The Emmie’s flute. The rarest and most powerful weapon in the Xeonx Challenge. Originally called the Ivy Flute. Rumors say that it was the flute of an Angel. Because of the immense energy needed to control the flute, only the highest leveled players could contain it. Only one person in the entire history of the Xeonx Challenge was able to gain full control of the flute. She died soon after winning the Xeonx Challenge. No one knows how she died or where she died. Certain people believe she is still alive. Emmie’s flute only appears once a player has reached level 100 in the Xeonx Challenge. For many years straight, when the winners were all around level 80, the Emmie’s flute would not appear at all. The years that it did appear, there were massive wars over the flute. Players massacred each other to gain the flute, just to burst into flames because they were not high level enough. And thus the Emmie’s flute was also called the Flute of Death...

“There was a rumor claiming that if someone was able to fully possess the Emmie’s Flute, then they would be able to bring it out of the Xeonx Challenge. This rumor appeared after the Emmie’s flute disappeared from the Xeonx challenge, the year after it was fully possessed by the first and only person. Ever since, the Fallen Angels have hired people to search for it. They killed all who failed.”

Vivian thought for some reason the story sound extremely familiar somehow, but the familiarity soon disappeared.

“That’s terrible! Who was the only person who contained it?”

Emulan looked at Vivian with a funny expression.

“Her name was Vivian Morania. She was a pixie with purple eyes. She was last seen walking into the eastern forest with a set of daggers assumedly hunting.”

“Vivian Morania....” Vivian’s face paled as her mind started whirling up with thoughts. Hidden memories, repressed thoughts, all seeped into her consciousness as an incomprehensible mess. She tried sorting them but all she could do was watch them zoom around her mind and confuse her even more. As more and more thoughts surged through she felt like her brain was about to explode. Suddenly she blacked out.

The End

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