Chapter 1: Vivian, Stealing the food

Vivian entered to big room and saw a bunch of tables. She didn’t know where to sit so she let her feet guide her and she ended up at a table with a group of other pixies. When she sat down, everyone all stared at her with annoyance as if she invaded had their privacy. After the short little spiel the tall man with the beard made about some type of challenge, she saw another short fat one stand up. He was announcing something about prizes and a Xeonx Challenge? And why were people being given out as prizes? Someone called Prince Florian and Emulan? What kind of name is Florian anyways? She really could care less though.

After he sat down, the first tall man announced for the banquet to begin. On that note, Vivian started feeling how hungry she was. She could hear her stomach grumbling as it complained about a lack of food. She perked up at the sight of the steaming plates of mystery food, but immediately lost interest at she quickly found out that the plates of food were actually just plates of good smelling, steaming fresh mush. A platter of mush was placed in front of her as the waiters dashed to pass out everyone’s food.

She tried picking at the food with her food just to find it just about as inedible as it looked. Venting on the mush, she stabbed it hard with her fork, accidentally spraying everyone around her but herself. With that gunk gone, she scanned to room to see if there was any better food. Her eyes wandered to the front table and focused on the stout man’s plate. She could almost sense how good it would taste. Grabbing her plate, which contained only the remnants of her mush mountain, she disappeared into the shadows.

Somehow, Vivian found it rather easy to slink off into the shadows and sneak around. It was almost like she was natural thief or something. Sneaking up to the front table, she originally thought to just steal one or two pieces of something on his plate. So while he was looking away, she slinked up and grabbed two meatballs. When he looked down at his plate again, Vivian could see the confusion on his face. Wolfing down the meatball, she secretly laughed at him. With the meatballs gone, her stomach still grumbled. So, while he wasn’t looking, Vivian snuck up again and stole a piece of chicken. And then she stole his glass of wine to wash the rest of the chicken down. But then she felt like there was too much wine and she didn’t want to put it to waste, so she decided to just steal the whole plate and replaced his plate of food with her plate of mush.

Finishing a whole plate of steaming fresh food, her stomach finally stopped complaining. Vivian walked back to her table and squeezed back into her seat. Immediately, everyone around her backed away, afraid she would somehow splatter them with mush again. Vivian could care less, and she liked it better when she wasn’t smushed tight against a bunch of people she didn’t know.

The banquet ended without anything else happening. Vivian got up from her table as people started to leave and slowly filed out of the room. Breathing the fresh air outside of the banquet hall, she wondered where she should go next. Maybe she should explore this place. Or at least find out where she is. Pondering over what she could do, she decided that she would follow the big road and see what she found

The End

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