Chapter 1: Emulan, At the Banquet

Emulan hated riding carriages too. They just made her even more stiff. Clambering out of her carriage feeling like a piece of cardboard, she made her way into the banquet hall where the 25th Xeonx Challenge banquet was being hosted.

Instead of sitting down with her friends like she usually did, she was pushed by her father all the way up to where he usually sat and she was forced into a seat next to Prince Florian. Just the sight of Prince Florian made Emulan gag. He was the typical blonde hair, blue eye, muscular, prince charming type of guy, but he was also the most snobby person you could ever meet. He took etiquette way too far and was still shunning Emulan for accidentally not waving back to him once when he waved to her while she was engrossed in a conversation with her friend 8 years ago when they were only 6. As if he wasn’t rude enough by interrupting their conversation in the first place. He only managed to mutter an inaudible “Hello Emulan” because if he didn’t he would be breaking his own stupid etiquette rules. Emulan didn’t even bother to reply. She just plopped down into her seat and stared into space. She watched people stream in and named each of them as they walked in. She knew almost everyone in town. She was starting to get bored when she noticed a little brown hair purple eyed pixie walk into the banquet hall looking all confused. Who is that? I don’t think I’ve ever seen her before... She started going through names to see if she could think of who she was but none of them matched. She watched the purple eyed pixie intently as she made her way to the pixie table and sat down with other the pixies.

As the last few stragglers filed in, the leader of the board, Prince Florian’s father of course, stood up and silenced the hall.

“Welcome, to the 25th Xeonx Challenge banquet!” He paused for a moment as everyone bursted into cheers and applause. Emulan watched as the purple eyed pixie stared at him blankly as if she didn’t know what the Xeonx Challenge was.

“In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Xeonx Challenge, we will be giving special prizes for the top male and female winners! My friend, Gordon Trispeckan, will announce them to you next!”

Emulan watched her father stand up as the hall erupted into applause again.

“It is my great pleasure to announce the prizes of this year’s Xeonx Challenge! For the top female winner, her special prize is... Prince Florian!”

There were screams from the girls as they all fought to see him stand up at the front table waving. Emulan watched her unknown friend sit there and stare at Prince Florian with bored eyes. That was the first person she ever met that didn’t fall for him the second she saw him. As the screams died down, Emulan saw his father give her a wink as he proceeded to announce the second prize.

“And as for the top male winner, his special prize will be... Emulan Trispeckan!”

Emulan stood up slowly and waved. She tried smiling as hard as she could. There were cheers from the audience. After what felt like ages, the cheering finally stop and Emulan took a seat. Her father sat down and Prince Florian’s father stood up again.

“Now, let the banquet begin!”

Doors opened and cooks streamed in with steaming platters of food all hastily placed   onto each table. The food smelled good but was inedible. Usually, she just spent time making miniature sculptures out of food with her friends. She obviously couldn’t do it up here at the front table. She looked down at her plate just to be surprised with her plate full of steaming hot chicken, her favorite. She saw her father wink at her as he whispered to her.

“You get special privileges up here.”

Emulan proceed directly to eating her chicken. As she did, her eyes wandered over to the pixie table and saw her purple eyed friend. She was picking at her food, lumping it all up into a giant mountain of mush. Then she stabbed her fork hard into it and sprayed everyone within a 5 meter radius of her except for herself. It caused a lot of chaos amongst the pixies next to her but it seemed not to bother her. Emulan saw her eyes start to wander as if she was scavenging for food. The next thing she knew, the pixie was staring straight at her, or at least she thought she was staring at her. She was surprised and quickly turned away. When she looked up again, the pixie and her plate were gone. Disappointed, she resumed eating her chicken.
Half-way through the banquet, Emulan suddenly felt her father freeze. He was looking at his plate with a confused look.

“That’s weird. I swear I had six meatballs, not four.”

He looked around to see if anyone else suddenly had disappearing food. Nope. Emulan watched her father look down at his plate and freeze up again.

“Where did my chicken leg go?”

He looked at Emulan questionably.


Emulan shook her head. She even offered her last piece of chicken to him. Her father looked down again and his face started getting red.

“Where is my glass of wine?”

His voice was getting louder. Seconds later, he looked down and completely lost it. His plate, previously filled with food, was completely replaced by another plate that was half splattered with mush and had the remaining foundations of some type of food mountain that looked like it was stabbed hard with a fork and exploded.


The hall went completely quiet with the exception of a few snickers here and there. After an awkward moment, a chef rushed in with a fresh platter of food and her father finally settled down after some hard convincing from the chef.

Emulan noticed a few minutes later that her pixie friend was back at the table with a look of content on her face. All of the other pixies immediately backed away from her, leaving her with a 5 meter circle of space while she sat there staring into space.

The End

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