Prologue: Annie, The computer game

This was my NaNo. I'm not finished yet but I will. It's really long though (and kind of sloppy)...
Vivian wakes up in a completely different world with no memory of her past and is pulled into the world of Altora, a place where fallen angels have taken over. Every year there is a challenge and the winners gain riches . But this year, something much more sinister is brewing. Armed with only a pair of daggers and her instinct, will she be able to defeat the rising unkown with her newfound friends

Yo Annie, have you heard about that latest new RPG thing that’s been going around?

The chat box on her computer screen beeped. It was a message from her friend Beth.

Wat game? she typed back.

It’s called Altora. I tried a few lvls and it seem pretty cool. Here’s the link to it:

Annie clicked on the link and it guided her to a new window. The background was black with dark blue vines that crawled up invisible pillars. A fancy script font slowly faded onto the screen. It said:

Good day young adventurer and welcome to Altora . We wish you good luck in the completion of the Xeonx Challenge.

As the words faded off the screen, a video of the introductory storyline began. The story goes that Altora was once a simple town until an attack reached the town and it was taken over by a force of fallen angels. Altora gathered its forces and went to war. Eventually, being unable to defeat the fallen angels, the leaders of Altora came to a peace treaty with the leader, Dyatian. The treaty terms were that the angels would rule Altora and the Altorians would all start out as poor peasants. A large Arena was created in which each year, the Xeonx Challenge would be hosted. Every year, there were only five winners who would gain power and wealth. Everyone else would get a compensation money and have to start over again next year. Many died in the Arena because of its dangers, yet the angels did not care. They liked sacrifices.

The clip ended there abruptly as if there was more to it, but it was not included. It did not say anything about what the Xeonx Challenge was and Annie felt like there must have been something else to the Xeonx Challenge that would have make it worthy enough to be a peace agreement for the angels. She clicked the next button.

After the short introduction, the window resumed its blackness and the fancy script font glowed on the screen again:

What will your Altora story be? .....

As the words faded off the screen, the registration/login screen popped up. Annie was so excited about it. Beth was right, this thing did look pretty amazing. Speeding through the registration, she finally reached the character select screen. It still had the familiar dark background and vines. Each different character type stood on an ancient floating stone platform and rotated as she scrolled through the different character choices. She ended up choosing a pixie with purple eyes and short chocolate brown hair as her character and her three jobs were ninja, assassin, and thief. Clicking through the selections, she reached the name box. What would she name her character? She clicked the random box hoping for a name that suited her.

Flory. No.....

Madaben. Nah....

Cerulan. Nope....

Vivian. This one.

Selecting the name, she finally finished registration. The screen blacked out and the dark blue vines retreated off the page. Then she saw Vivian standing next to a rune filled circle in a dark space like room. Vivian’s eyes were closed and her head was on her shoulder as if she was asleep while standing. Annie could see that Vivian was floating gently next to the circle. The runes on the circle suddenly brighten up and she was pulled through the circle, which opened up into the bright blue sky. Annie watched Vivian fall from the sky still sleeping when a large eagle with a person riding on it swooped by to catch her. The screen faded into the next scene, where Annie saw Vivian lying on a bed.

Vivian opened her eyes sleepily and sat up stretching.

[Vivian] Where am I?

[Old lady watching her] You’re in Altora. My husband saw you drop from the sky and barely reached you in time to save you. What were you trying to do?

[Vivian] What?... I don’t remember being anywhere... And where’s Altora?

[Old Lady] So you’re not from around here?

[Vivian] No.... I believe not. Now, if you would excuse me, I think would like to return home.

[Old Lady] Already? Are you sure you don’t want to stay for a while?

[Vivian] I don’t think so.

[Old Lady] Well, before you leave, could you tell me your name?

[Vivian] It’s Vivian.

[Old Lady] Vivian. Well, it’s been nice to meet you. I’m Emmie. If you ever need help around town, just tell them you’re my friend and they’ll help you. Here, have this flute for good luck.

[Vivian] Thanks.

Vivian receives flute.

[Emmie] Oh, and one more thing. Stay away from the giant dome shaped building. That place is dangerous.

[Vivian] Alright, thanks.

The talking ended. Annie guided Vivian out of the house and she stepped into town. The man who caught her was standing in the nearby stable tending his eagle. He looked up and ran to Vivian.

[Emmie’s Husband] So it looks like you’re alive!

[Vivian] Yes. After all, Emmie said that you caught me in the sky.

[Emmie’s Husband] Emmie told you all about it didn’t she.

[Vivian] About what?

[Emmie’s Husband] She didn’t tell you then. Well, I’ll have to ask her why.

His eagle made a large annoyed screech at the old man.

[Emmie’s Husband] Oh, sorry. I need to tend Ken now. It looks like he’s getting a little impatient.

[Vivian] Alright.

[Emmie’s Husband] By the way, name’s Gerald. Stop by anytime you want if you want a lift to somewhere. I’ll be here.

Vivian waved goodbye and walked away. After the first few introductory storyline conversations, Annie was finally able to study the graphics of Altora X. The town looked medieval, yet it had a touch of futuristic in it. The sky was clear blue with some clouds and trees were scattered around the town. She walked around wondering what she should do next. Annie checked the time. It was around 11:25 PM. She should be going to bed, but she wanted to get to at least level 4 before she stopped playing. After some simple beginner's quests, she figured out that the village was just like a tutorial. That actual story began in the Xeonx Challenge. You had to win it in order to go home. But you had to be level 10 in order to enter it.

Annie led Vivian to the forests on the outskirts of the village to kill wolves that were stealing sheep from the village. She was given a pair of daggers as her weapon when she was sent on the quest. Annie continued playing until midnight. She was getting tired and was about to shut off her computer. She was level 8 already. Just as she was reaching for the power button, her screen turned black and in the middle was a vortex. Around the vortex was a glowing circle similar to the one she saw Vivian stand next to. Annie stared at the screen with frantic eyes. A virus? She grabbed the screen with her hands shaking it wildly as if it could do anything. As she shook it, her left thumb gently scraped the screen, touching the vortex. Suddenly, everything went black.

The End

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