Chapter 21: Sarah

Sarah awoke with a start. She felt rested and renewed, as if she had been sleeping for days. "Oh, god. How long was I out?"

"Quite awhile." Aden said, stating at the door and smiling. "I was beginning to worry."

Sarah got up with renewed strength. She somehow felt stronger than before. She began to recall the events of the past few days. How she had awakened her new found powers. I guess I'm officially a Traveler now, she thought.

"When you are ready, find me at the training grounds." Aden told her. "Now that you've fully recovered, we need to start you on your new training. You need to learn to build your new powers." Sarah nodded. Aden returned the nod and left, closing the door behind him.

Sarah took a deep breath and exhaled. She couldn't believe what she had accomplished. Her normal life back on Earth was the last thing in her mind then. But it was still in her mind. She still wanted to go back. Now that she had recently learned that there were others. Other Travelers. She knew what she had to do: Find them. But first, practice her new-found power. She dressed on her training clothes and went to look for Aden. She was still getting used to the rangers saluting her. Congratulating her. They were her friends. 


Aden was waiting fer like, like he had said. Adria and two other rangers were with him. 
"How you feeling?" Aden waved.

"Good." Sarah said. "Really good actually."

"I'm glad." Aden beamed. "Ready for training?"

"As I'll ever be."

"Good, because your first task is stopping an arrow." Adria said.

"Whoa, sis!" Aden looked at her. "You know what happened last time. Let's start with something small. Like..." He looked around and found a pebble. He picked it up. "Lifting this pebble off your hand." He handed the small rock to Sarah. She looked at it, then back at Aden. 

"Not sure how I'm supposed to that." Sarah said. "I still don't understand how my powers work."

"Simple," Said Adria. "You have the ability to control gravity. But first you'll have to summon the sphere. Same as you did yesterday. Only this time, you wont have to re-absorb it."

Sarah nodded, bring forth her concentration from the previous day. Seconds later a large sphere surrounded her. Just as before she felt the space within it.

"That was quick." Aden said, clapping once. "Good. Now you are able to control the gravity of the space within that sphere. Lift the pebble."

Sarah looked at the pebble in her hand. She focused on it. She was amaze at how easy it was. The effects of that liquid Aden gave her were still with her. Her concentration and focus were sharp and true. But for how long, she didn't know. She'll ask him later.

The pebble in her hand wobbled for a moment before lifting itself off of Sarrah's hand and hover the air. Sarah felt a bit exhausted, as if she had just ran a mile. But she pushed through it. She released her power and the pebble fell back unto her hand.

"Good." Aden congratulated her, as did the other two rangers. "Remember that the sphere will sap your own energy depending on the acts you preform and how big is the sphere. Larger spheres are harder to maintain and requires a lot more of your energy. If you're feeling a bit tired now, you know why."

Sarah nodded. it also explained why she fainted when she tried to stop the arrow yesterday. "I think I'm ready for the arrow now."

"Bold." Adria said. "I like that." She commanded on of the ranger to stand some 20 yards away and readied an arrow unto the bow. "You'll have to make the sphere bigger to give you more time."

"Okay." Sarah focused on the sphere and made it bigger by about 20 meters. Enough to give her time to react to the arrow once it flied inside. "Okay, I'm ready."

Adria nodded to the ranger. He aimed the bow and pulled back the strings. Aden made sure he was close enough to Sarah to grab the arrow if things go wrong. "Go."

The ranger let loose.

The End

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