Chapter 20: Continuation.

The mountain was unlike anything Max had seen before. Aside from it's massive size, Scintio was strange indeed. Max immediately noticed that it was covered in trees, and large vines. Since when do trees grow in mountains? The question itself was ridiculous. It didn't make any sense. Then again, nothing in this world made any sense to Max. He remembered the white tiger. And the Judge in Vahall. He should've known then that he wasn't on Earth anymore. Maybe Altia had magic? Or something of the like. It would explain all of the physically impossible things he had witness since arriving  here. His curiosity was too much to bare so he neared Reks and asked about the trees and vines. "I've never seen anything like it."

"That's because within Scintio, lies the heart of Altia's nature." Reks said. "Every tree, every grass, flower, leaf, is connected to that mountain." To Max, that explanation made...sense. So there was magic in Altia. There had to be. Now he was really looking forward to meeting this Seer guy. "I see." He said.

That night, after their meal, Max had asked Reks more questions about Scintio. Max wanted to know more. He was intrigued. "There is a legend," Reks said, sitting by the camp fire. Max took a seat opposite him while Val lay on her back beside the two. "A very long time ago, Altia was just a lifeless landmass devoid of life. And when the precursors came, they built a large city at it's very center. And using their magical powers they created the First Tree. Some people call it the tree of life. The tree was said to be as tall as a mountain. It's roots grew throughout the continent creating forests and animals alike. When the precursors left, they wanted the tree of life well protected and hidden from intelligent beings so they created a mountain around it."

"Scintio." Max guessed. 


"But why did they leave?" 

Reks shrugged. "No one knows. Our written history only takes us back to the birth of the first Judge. I'd say about a thousand years ago. Anything further is just speculations. Theories and myths."

"So there is a giant tree inside that mountain?" Max asked, intrigued in his voice.

But once again, Reks shrugged. "I guess we'll find out soon enough, wont we?"

"But you just said-"

"Didn't you hear him?" Val interjected. A habit she had whenever Max was in the middle of a sentence. "Our history goes as far back as the Judges. The whole gods creating the trees and such, is just one myth among the many. No one has ever found a way inside Scintio. Except for the Judges and Travelers." Then she looked at Reks annoying. "Which is why I don't see why we are even going there. The Seer is said to live inside the mountain. Even if we wanted to, we can't go inside."

"Travelers?" Max echoed. "What like people that travel?"

Val started laughing. It was Reks that answered. "No. She means the god's chosen. When Altia is in grave peril, the gods send five children from their realm to aid us."

Max thought about that for a moment, then said; "Their realm?"

"The world of Gods." Reks clarified. "The Travelers are called travelers because they are not from Altia. They are sent here." Wait a minute, Max thought. From another world? So does that mean I am a Traveler? This raised so many more questions now. 

Rek's seemed to noticed Max's reaction and asked; "Everything alright, Max?"

Max looked up at him, still a bit lost in thought, then nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine." The gods brought him here? Who were these gods? Who were the precursors? Maybe they were other people from Earth. Max really wanted to know the whole story now.

"It's late." Reks said, bring Max back from his thoughts. "We should get some rest. Tomorrow we'll find out if the legends about the tree is true."

Max nodded in agreement. Perhaps the Seer will have all the answers.

The End

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