Chapter 18: Continuation.....

"Stay seated." Aden told her. "Stay focused." He stood up and drew his bow. Sarah was confused, but she remained in her position. She was starting to enjoy the feeling of euphoria. The high she felt. It was as if she was inside a bubble filled with water, only she could breath normally. "What you have done there," Aden continued. He pulled up his bow and knotted an arrow. "Is brought forth the power of the Travelers from within you, into the outside. Now you must absorb that power and fuse with it. You'll feel as if a cape has been placed over your body."

"I don't understand." Sarah was a bit concern now. Aden had pointed the bow at her. What  the hell is going?

"Relax." Aden said. "If you do as I say, you'll have no problem stopping this arrow before it hits you."

"Wait so how do I absorb, or fuse, or whatever, with the sphere?"

"Same way you brought it out." Adria said.

Sarah closed her eyes and tried to focus. It wasn't easy knowing Aden had an armed bow point at her. Still, she had to do something. Relax. Focus. Concentrated. Her heart beat fell into that rhythmic beat and her breathing slowed. Inhale. Exhale. She felt the sphere around, like that bubble of water. Absorb it, and fused with it. Those were Aden's instruction. So she concentrated on absorbing the sphere. She felt that high again. It was getting stronger. Better. It was like Aden had said. She felt as if a cold cape had been placed over her. Only she didn't feel any physical symptoms, just a wave of sensations, feelings, and emotions, washed over her. She suddenly felt renewed. Not only that, she began to feel something else. Something more. Even though her eyes were shut, she could now feel Aden's presence in front of her. She could feel Adria's and Tolwings. Somehow she knew were they were. She felt their auras. Sarah opened her eyes slowly, taking in all the sensations. 

"Well done." Aden said, a proud smile on his face. Sarah looked around and found the sphere was gone. "Now, about the arrow. I'm going to release it and you'll stop it before it hits you."

"No wait," Sarah pleased. She stood up, but was a bit disoriented for some reason. "How?"

"You already know how." Aden said and let loose.

Sarah had barely anything time to think. Still it didn't seem to matter, time seemed to have slowed for a couple of seconds. She focused on the arrow and willed it to stop. A sudden feeling of exhaustion washed over her then, and she passed out. The last thing she was a hand appear and grab the arrow midway. Then, blackness.

-  -  -  -  -

When Sarah woke up, she still felt a little tired. She couldn't explain why or how. She tried to sit up, but a sudden headache brought her back down into bed.  She moaned in protest of the  pain.

"Just relax for now." Aden, who was sitting beside her, said. "You're going to be fine."

"What happened?"

"That's our fault," Aden said. "We - I pushed you too far. The goal was for you to create a Maker Sphere, but I took it a step further. I should've left it at that. Forgive me, Sarah."

"It's Ok, don't worry about it." Sarah recalled the events in her head, then asked; "Why do I feel so tired?"

"The powers of a Traveler is somewhat of a double-edged sword," Aden explained. "It requires energy to use and maintain. That energy, it draws from the body's own life force. It feeds on your energy, Sarah."

Sarah now understood a few things that made little sense in the beginning. "That's why you trained me before hand." She realized.

"Aden nodded. "Your body needed to be ready. We were planning on continuing your training for a few more days, but we are running out of time. The longer we take training you, the more time the mad King has to amass his army. But have surprised us all today, Sarah."

"Oh yeah?" Sarah didn't try to hide her sarcasm. "How so?"

"Because you're still alive." Adria interjected. She stood by the door, leaning against the wall. Sarah hadn't notice the woman up until now.

"What my sister means," Aden said, glaring at Adria. "Is that you're a lot stronger than we thought."

"Thanks," Sarah said. "I guess."

Adria walked into the room and looked at Sarah in the eyes. The red haired woman smiled. "You're also a lot smarter than we thought. It usually takes a few days for a Traveler to understand how the Traveler's power works. Yet your only limitation seems to be your own body. It is only a matter of knowing your limits."

Sarah thanked her for that. "So what happens now?" She asked, looking at both the siblings. 

"We keep training you." Aden said simply. "When you're ready, we'll head for the palace to warn the queen and prepare for war."

The End

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