Chapter 18: Continuation....**

"Just do as I do, listen to my voice, and you'll be fine." Aden said.

Sarah  nodded and took a small sip of the Sana, like Aden had done, and sat crossed legged facing him. He smiled and reassured her that there was nothing to worry about. "Now close your eyes and relax."

Sarah followed his command and was quite surprised at how easy it was. Her heart fell into a slower, more rhythmic beats and her muscles became so relaxed that she could barely feel them. She was a bit scared in her mind but for some reason her body remained relaxed and calmed despite the fear she felt at that moment. "It's the Sana's effect." Aden explained. "It relaxed your body so that you may easily enter your mind. All you have to do now is think about the thing you want most in this world."

What I want most? Sarah thought to herself. I want to go home. To return to my normal and uninteresting life back on Earth. And as if answering her desires, a white door materialized itself within her subconscious. She stared at the door, wondering what was on the other side. "I see a door." She said out loud, so Aden could hear.

"Open it." He bade her. "On the other side, you'll find what you want most in this world."

Sarah hesitated for a moment. Was this it? Was this her way back home then? She wondered. That is what she wanted most in this world. She reached for the handle, hands shaking, and opened the white door. Immediately, a flash of light emanated from within and engulfed her.  She couldn't entirely explain what she felt after, but it was like waking up from a long dream. She could no longer feel the wind of Duskwood and smell the aroma of the trees. She suddenly felt...cold? It was difficult to tell what had happened. It was almost as if...

When she opened her eyes it felt as if she hadn't opened them in days. Her vision was blurry. She blinked a few times for hey sight to adjust. She was expecting to see Aden, but instead she saw a...a roof? Was it a roof? She blinked once more to make sure. It was a roof! Then, she slowly started to make sense of it. She was laying on a comfortable bed in a white-ish room. A small television hung by the wall in front of her.

As her hearing returned, she started to hear a woman's voice to her left. Not just any woman either, Sarah realized. It was her mother's voice. Sarah  tried to tilt her head to the side to take a better look, but found out that she couldn't move. With the back of her eyes she could see the back of her mother's head. Her mother was staring out the window, talking to someone on the phone. Sarah tried to stand and call out to her, but it was futile. Her body seemed to be paralyzed. She screamed and yelled for help, but no sound came out of her mouth. "...yes, I'm at the hospital." She heard her mother say. ", the doctor's say there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with her. All the tests came out fine...yeah, they're not even sure if they should call it a coma...I'm just worried she'll never wake up..."

I am up! Sarah shouted in her mind. Mom, just look back. Look at me! But her mother was too busy on the phone and no matter how hard Sarah tried, she could not move a muscle. She felt helpless, unable to scream or call out for help. To her, it felt worse than a nightmare. What she was experiencing was a night terror? Fear like none before, crept on her. She closed her eyes and tried to calm down. There was nothing she could do but to give in and accept her situation.  She was in a hospital and, as her mother had said, she wasn't in danger. And if this was real, then it meant she was somehow stuck in her own mind. In Altia.

Thats right! Altia! She had almost forgotten all about Altia. Then she realized that if there was a way out, then it had to be in Altia. The realization that she was safe helped her calm down a bit and focus on something else. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on that white door again. She concentrated on returning to the deepest part of her subconscious and thanks to the Sana it was easy enough. Then, she was back, floating aimlessly through her subconscious. She approached the white door again and knew what was on the other side; The thing she wants most. All she had to do now was modify her desires so that to get what she wanted most, first she would need to become a Traveler of Altia. She needed to awaken the power Aden had said she has within her. Once she had accepted that, she started to feel a strange and un-explainable sensation wash over her as if something ancient had awaken. She opened the door and another flash of bright light brought her back to Altia.

 Sarah opened her eyes and, as expected, the first thing she saw was a smiling Aden sitting before her. "Well done," He said. "You did it." It took Sarah about a minute to fully awake from her meditative state and become aware of her surroundings. She felt a bit tired, like she hadn't sleep last light. "What happened?" She asked Aden, after taking a few relaxing breaths and collecting her thoughts.

"You did it." Aden repeated. "You've created the  sphere. Take a look."

Sarah noticed the transparent sphere around her. The sphere covered her entirely. Inside it, she felt. What do did she feel? High. It like the kind of high she got from smoking weed only less relaxing and more euphoric "What is that?"

"We call it the Maker Sphere." Aden explained. "Awakening it was the first step in tapping into your power."

"A power whose purpose was to help build the Altia you see before you." Ranger Master Tolwing added, walking up to Sarah to congratulate her. Behind him walked Aden's sister, Adria. Her red hair cascading down her neck. "But as time passed," Tolwing continued. "It started to become less of a tool of creation and more of a weapon of destruction and corruption. It wasn't until the betrayal of one of the Travelers that the gods decided upon themselves to seal that power from the Travelers, and only granting it to Traveler's of pure heart and soul."

Sarah felt like her senses inside the sphere was sharper. Her mind was clear and her body calmed. She understood so many things now that she didn't before. "So what now?"

The End

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