Chapter 18: Continuation...

Finally! Sarah tried to hide her excitement. This is what she had been waiting for. This is the reason she had endured all that training. All for this moment. This was her first step into returning home. To find out what mysterious power she had within her. "Ok," She nodded casually, but failing a little at disguising her excitement. Her beaming eyes betrayed her.

Adria arrived a few minutes later, and walking beside her was the mighty Master Ranger, Tolwing. The man towered a good two feet over her. He wore his leather coat which made him look like a powerful figure indeed. "How are you today, Sarah?" He asked her, bowing slightly.

"Good." Really good actually, Sarah thought to herself.

Tolwing noticed the spark on her blue eyes and smiled. "Mind if I sit and watch?" Sarah shook her head. Tolwing made himself comfortable under the shade of an old tree. 

"Let's get started then," Aden said and asked his sister for the Sana. Adria handed him the wooden bowl she was holding between her hands, then took a seat beside Tolwing. She whispered something to the Master Ranger which caused him to look at Sarah and nod approvingly.

Sarah was a bit nervous. 

The End

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