Chapter 18: Continuation..

Sarah woke up early by herself that morning. She had already gotten used to the routine. She quickly dressed on some simple ranger clothing which Adria had given her as a gift. They looked good on Sarah.

After eating some recommended fruits for breakfast, Sarah set out for her morning run around Duskwood. She jogged through the woods for about an hour or so, without getting as tired as she used to on the first few days, and admiring the trees around her. Many of the rangers were already up and doing their morning exercises. They saluted her as she passed by with a simple "Hey, Sarah!" or "Morning, Sarah. " She was no longer just a Traveler to them. She was a friend of the rangers. That brought her joy.
When the time for sparring lessons came, it was Aden who was waiting for her on the Training Grounds. He was leaning against a tree under the shade. "Hey!" Sarah waved at him.

"Sarah!" He waved back at her, smiling as usual. Sarah returned his smile. She had come to fancy Aden a bit, but as a good friend, nothing more. She actually found him quite handsome, kind of like her ex-boyfriend, only Aden's body was much more defined.
"You look beautiful today." He told her.

Sarah had to take a moment to catch her breath before responding. "To you, I look beautiful every day."

"I would tell you otherwise if it were not the truth."

"Thanks," She actually liked his modesty and complements. And if she were back home, she would've definitely gone out with him in a heartbeat. But there was too much on her mind right now for love interests. She looked around and noticed that they were the only two people to be seen on the Training Grounds. "Are you going to train me today?" She asked.

Aden nodded. "Yes. But we'll be skipping your sparring lessons for today." He explained. "Today we are going to show you what it means to be a Traveler, Sarah. So once my sister returns with the Sana, we'll get started."

"Sana?" Echoed Sarah, looking a bit confused which she did not try to hide.

"It's a herb gathered form the deepest parts of Scintio." Aden walked up to her. "It's going to help your body relax so that you can search into the deepest part of your mind." "He grabbed her hand and held it up. "After today, you will become a true Traveler. You'll awaken you sleeping power."

A smile formed in Sarah's face. Finally!

The End

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