Chapter 18: Sarah

If she had not been a cheerleader for three years, Sarah would've dropped of exhaustion on the third day of training. They woke her at sunrise each morning to run a few miles through the woods to strengthen her physique. Then they would take her to the Training Grounds for sparring lessons on the use of a sword. And lastly, after a small break at mid-day, she was taught the basics of marksmanship with a bow, which  she enjoyed the most. A bow was much lighter than a sword and happened to be a long range weapon which she knew she needed after witnessing the brutality of this world and how cruel the bad people were. She gladly preferred to be as far away from her target as possible.

By the end of the day, usually late afternoon, Sarah was beat. She was hungry, exhausted, and sleepy. By then, all she wanted was to go to bed, only to repeat the process the next day. And for about a week or so, the pattern was the same. Early rise, physical exercise, an hour or so of break, swordsmanship and marksmanship lessons, and lastly, sleep. Training and training, and then train some more. It was tiring and sometimes even painful. But Sarah had her mind set on becoming a ranger. She knew she needed to be strong to survive this world, find the rest of the Travelers, and eventually, find her way back home.

Sarah didn't just grow physically either, she also grew mentally. Adria had taught her a little about the continent, Altia, and it's history. Sarah learned about the Judges and their role to protect and maintain the balance of the world. She was also taught about the Silver Palace where the King and Queen rule over the Altian people and their role in keeping peace and order. And according to Tolwing, the Altian King was a Traveler himself, which of course, to Sarah, that meant that he was from Earth. That had raised her hopes even more. It meant that he knew how to get back home. Back to Earth. But the King had been missing for almost two years now, kidnapped, and only a selected few knew this truth, the ranger master included. "Only when the King dies, does the Gods send five new Travelers into our realm." Tolwing had said one day.

"So why am I here then?" Sarah had asked. "If you said that the King is still alive?"

"That is the question we are all asking ourselves, Sarah."

Sarah learned that day that something was amiss in Altia. That the peace that the Judges had guarded since their creation was about to come to an end, and the chaos that once ruled Altia would return. It was then that Sarah realized the real threat Altia faced by the hands of the mad King, and it was then that she realized how truly evil he was.

The End

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