Chapter 17: Continuation..

They arrived at Claudia's house about an hour or so later. Unlike Mia, Claudia lived by herself, rented on an apartment in Hialeah, where her boyfriend John stayed the night, almost every night. And unlike Mia, Claudia was not the collected and organized type, as the mess around the living room showed when they entered the house. Unwashed plates on the sink, dirty clothes on the sofas, Mia even saw a cup of coffee from that morning laying on a table half full. But despite all their differences, there was one thing both women had in common. The wine. They both enjoyed drinking a lot, although Mia was the one who knew when to stop.

Claudia greeted them with a wide smile and a kiss on the cheek for both. Her boyfriend, John, greeted them with a simple and unemotional, "Hey," How dull, Mia thought. "So what was it you wanted to show me?" Mia said, looking at John as he typed something on the laptop.

"It better be worth cutting our date short." Jasper added.

"Oh, be quite Jasper." Claudia snapped at him. Then she turned to Mia and nodded. "It is. Come...John did you save it?" The man nodded. Mia couldn't help but always wonder how John, who barely talked, could've seduced her friend who enjoyed flirting as much as Mia enjoyed eating at Pollo Tropical. It was a mystery all on its on. He is good with computers though, that much Mia had to admit. And he wasn't a total loser either. He did treated Claudia decently enough and wasn't just after her body like the rest.

John opened up a folder on the laptop and a bunch of highlighted articles popped out in the screen. All cases of people who's been in a comas. Mia scanned through some of them.  The articles dealt with comatosed people who had miraculously woken weeks, some even months later without any harmful effects to the brain. Even the doctors and psychologist couldn't find an explanation for these remarkable cases. Of course, there were others, those who believed it was an act of god and that the Lord Almighty had chosen them as some sort of prophet. But Mia wasn't a true believer of that claim.

"That. Is. Stranger." Jasper pointed out, after scanning through the articles.

"All of these people," Claudia pointed at the screen and looked at Mia. "Came out of it fine. Most of them were in a coma for months, yeah, but in the end, they all came back well. And your brother will too." It was clear she was trying to reassure her friend that everything was going to be alright and that she shouldn't worry about it. But Mia wasn't paying too much attention, she had been reading through the articles and had found something that did caught her interest. "Can you zoom in on that one?" She asked John and pointed to a particular article amongst the many. The story was about a guy who had lived here in Miami."

"Mathew...Pollastri." Jasper read the name out loud. "Sounds like an interesting guy." John searched up the name on Google. "He died eight years ago in a car accident." He paused for a moment, realizing. "Isn't he the father of one of the teenagers in Sinai?"

"He is." Mia nodded. Is that a coincidence? She wondered. None of the other cases had anything in common. In fact, most of these cases had happened in different parts of the world. It seemed...random. While one happened on Europe, another was in China, and another at Mexico, which ruled out any kind of disease or illness. What was really strange was that Max and the other teenagers at Mount Sinai did know each other! They even attended the same High School. So why this? and why now? it doesn't make any sense...ughh...this is so frustrating. Mia had to stop and recollect her thoughts. She wasn't going to find any connections like this.

"Show it to your mom." Claudia told her, with a helpful smile. "I'm sure it'll at least make her feel better."

And it did. A little.

The End

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