Chapter 17: Mia

[EARTH] - Monday noon...

Pollo Tropical was not the best restaurant in Miami. But it wasn't the worst either. Mia personally loved eating there whenever she could. The food wasn't too expensive and the service was decently enough. And the classic music that played on the background gave the place a chilling atmosphere which she enjoyed a lot. She couldn't even remember how many times she had lunched or dinned at Pollo Tropical, both alone and with her family. So when Jasper invited her to eat there for lunch, she was delighted, and happy, even though she could not show it at the time. In fact, she was too distracted to pay much attention to her boyfriend whenever he tried to start a conversation. It wasn't that she did not like him, on the contrary, she loved Jasper. He was a kind and good hearted guy who actually cared about the happiness of others, especially his girlfriend's. But lately, Mia had been quite busy and distracted with her brother's case. For some reason she couldn't stop thinking about what the psychic lady had told her. 'I see through him...He will face a fire that will engulf the world...He travels and grows to safe them all...Power and strength follow.' What did it all mean?

Mia was starring out the window at nothing in particular when Jasper returned with the trays, one on each hand. He placed them on the table gently, careful not to spill the food and drinks. "Is everything alright with you?" He asked, taking a seat opposite her. "You've been distracted since I picked you up at the hospital today. Whats going on?"

Mia looked at him. "I'm sorry, it's just that...well..."

"You're brother?"

She nodded, pouring the beans unto her rice and mixing it all up. "I know I haven't been the best of girlfriend's to you, and I'm sorry for that. I just have a  lot on my mind right now, what with school, and work, and my brother in a coma, and my mom crying almost every night and me having to console her when I'm just as sad...It's just..overwhelming, you know."

"I know." Jasper said, nodding. He grabbed her hand a kissed it. "And I understand. I just want to know what you're thinking about right this moment." He said, starring into her eyes.

Mia looked at him with a delighted smile and kissed him passionately on his lips. "You," She whispered. He returned the kiss with equal pleasure. "You don't have to pretend with me." He told her, laying back on his chair. "I mean, I already know that you love me just as I love you. That much is clear. But you don't gotta lie like that. Even if its a small white lie." He took a zip of his drink. "So what are you really thinking about?"

Mia smiled at him, then paused to take a spoon full of rice and beans. "I'm thinking about what the psychic lady told me about Max. I've been trying to make sense of her words but so far I got nothing and I won't pay her another thirty-five dollars for an interpretation. It's ridiculous!"

"So you do believe what she told you?" Jasper teased.

"Well...I-" Mia started to stutter. She had just told him the other day that she didn't believe in that kind of stuff and now...but luckily for her, her phone rang just as her cheeks began to redden. "Oops, phone." She reached inside her purse and took it out. She read the caller Id. "It's Claudia."

"Must be for you then."

Mia laughed, knowing exactly what he meant. "You should be thanking her."

"Mmhm." He nodded, sarcastically. 

Mia smiled. He obviously had no idea that it was thanks to Claudia that there were together. After Mia's last broken relationship she had promised to take it easy with guys and not commit into another relationship, so she rejected Jasper the first few times. Then Claudia had vouched for him and had convinced Mia to give him a shot. That was about two weeks ago. Mia gave him the chance, just to get it over with, and didn't regret her decision. And now, here they were. On their seventh date as a couple.

Mia answered the call on the fourth ring. "Hey! Claudia."

"Ok, just listen."


"You know how you told me to tell you if I found anything wierd regarding the Mount Sinai case?"


"Well, John was surfing the web and he found something really interesting along that line." There was  pause for dramatic effect. "Something you really need to see."


"Let's just say that your lil bro wasn't the first. Look, you busy right now?"

Mia looked at Jasper who had just taken a bite off of his bread. He didn't look like it, but Mia knew he was listening to the conversation. When their gaze met, he simply shrugged. "Kind of." Mia replied.

"If you're on a date with Jasper, then that can wait." Another pause. "Look, you gotta come over to my place asap. John has to go soon, and he has everything on his laptop. So come over. Now!"

"Ok, ok. We're on our way." Mia hung up and looked at jasper, who was already half finished with his food. He motioned to her plate. "Let's finish eating first."

"Of course." She bent forward and kissed him again. "Thank you."


They ate mostly in silence after that.

The End

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