Chapter 16: Continuation..

Alan watched with intrigue as the pirates went about their daily routine: Manning the sails, mopping the floors, cleaning the cannons, etc...But mostly, Alan noticed, they did pretty much whatever they wanted unless told otherwise by the Quartermaster. It perfectly fit Alan's expectations as to what it was like to be a pirate in a pirate ship on these times.

A while later, a crowd began to gather at the center of the deck, forming a circle. At the center, Alan saw the Quartermaster. The bald man was dueling a fellow crew-mate while the others watched and placed their bets. But they weren't betting on the victor. When Alan got a closer look, he noticed they were actually betting on time. To see who could last longer against the quartermaster. The bald man was truly a skilled swordsman.

Alan saw Garlov amongst the crowd of men and walked up to him. "What are they doing?" He asked the short man.

Garlov was watching the fight and smiling. "They want to see who can last longer against Cael." He said. "They're trying to beat the record."

"Who's record?" Alan had to raise his voice over the yells and the cheering. Garlov smiled a prideful smile and looked at the boy. "Mine."

"Can't they beat him?" Alan asked, referring to the Quartermaster.

Garlov let out a hearty laughed. "No one on this ship can beat Cael in a swordfight except for the Captain and perhaps the First Mate."

Alan was intrigued now, and was curious. "Who's the first mate?"

Garlov pointed up towards the bridge. "Her."

Alan followed Garlov's finger up and saw her. She was stirring the ship, looking as beautiful as ever. She was the First Mate?! Her blond hair flowed like cascade through the wind and her eyes...Alan loved her deep blue eyes. They showed confidence and beauty. Alan had seen her fight and didn't doubt Garlov's words. She was skilled as she was beautiful. Alan walked up to the bridge and approached her, nervous at first but regaining confidence as he neared her. He tried to spark a conversation but she didn't seem interested the least bit. She would answer all his questions with short answers and refused to look into his eyes while she spoke. "What do I have to do to get your attention?" He finally asked, a bit frustrated, although he did his best to hide it.

"Save my life." She said simply, in a literal manner, looking at him for the first time since they started the conversation.

"Wow. You're not easily impressed I see."

"You're not the first." The girl said, looking back at the crowd below. "And the others...Well, let's just say they've tried everything."

"Except saving you." Alan guessed. "And I don't blame them. I've seen you fight. I doubt you'll need saving anytime soon."

"Then I guess you'll have to wait a while longer to get my attention." She told him.

Alan sighed. "Can I at least know your name?"

She seem to think about that question for a long moment. Alan was beginning to doubt he'll knew her name, but she finally spoke, "Luna."

"Luna." He echoed. "Well, Luna, you have a beautiful name. And when you find yourself in danger, I will come to your rescue. I promise. But you also have to promise me that I'll get more than a name from you?"

She smiled then and nodded. That was actually the first time he had seen her smile and right at that moment, to him, she looked like a goddess. He had never felt like this towards a girl before, not even at school when they flirted with him. There was something about Luna that had him drawn to her. And it wasn't just her beauty. He knew.

That night he thought and dreamt about her. If he was going to have a chance to save her then he needed to get stronger somehow. He intended to keep that promise. That would keep his mind off of his current predicament. Suddenly the fact that he had randomly been teleported to a strange world, nearly drowned, got kidnapped by pirates, was the last thing on his mind. He had even forgotten about home. He had accepted that he wasn't going back anytime soon. Maybe even never. He didn't care.

The End

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