Chapter 16: Alan

Alan had decided to take a short walk around the Judgement that night. The ship was big, bigger what he had originally thought. It took him minutes to get to the deck where he stared down at the dark waters reflecting the night's stars. The sight was truly beautiful, just like he had seen in the movies. I did it. He thought to himself. Now it's only a matter of time before I hit land and I'm out of this ship. But could he really wait those few days? He wondered. How long could he keep his charade? I have to find land and asap.

As he watched the calm ocean he started to consider many things. Among those things was diving. If he were to spot land right that instant he would jump and swim the rest of the way. But the ocean spread in every direction. No land in sight, or at least that he could see. But would it be worth the risk? He wondered. He knew that there was something enormous within those waters. He remembered clearly those eyes...As big as his own head, maybe even bigger. He tried to picture the size of that monster in his head. He did wander why it hadn't eaten him that one time. What was it waiting for?

"If you're going to jump, then do it already." A voice startled him from behind. "The anticipation is killing me here, mate." The pirate said. He sat comfortably on the bridge keeping watch. Alan recognized him. He was the one who had showed him around the ship the day before. Garlov was his name.

Garlov stood and jumped down. "Although I should probably warn you," He said. "These waters get freezingly cold at night. It wont take too long before your body goes numb and you start to drown. Your death wont be quick, but it will be painless."

"I wasn't planning on jumping." Alan said.

"Don't lie to me, mate." Garlov said. "You're not the first kid we rescue on these seas. But you are the first captured by pirates. Which makes me wonder...why? Pirates don't usually take prisoners, especially young boys, unless they plan on turning them into pirates."

Alan was getting nervous. "Is that why you keep pirates locked up below deck?"

"Tell me kid, do you know the purpose of this ship? Do you know why the Queen's Judgement was constructed?"

Alan shook his head. He actually knew very little of anything in this world. 

"We are pirate hunters disguised as pirates." Garlov explained. "We hunt pirates and bring them to the Queen to face their Judgement. That is the purpose of this ship. That is the purpose of our crew. Our job keeps these seas safe and secured for merchants and travels."

"I didn't know..." Alan said.

"Now you do, mate." Garlov placed a friendly hand on Alan's shoulder. "Look, you may be a lair but I see you're a good kid. I wont sound the alarm. But remember, you're not supposed to be out here at night. So get back to your quarters and sleep. And think twice before jumping."

Alan nodded without complaint and sprinted, hurrying back to his room. Ha sat on the bed and starred at the door. I need to be more careful. He thought. He knew he was going to be on that ship for a lot longer than he originally thought.

The End

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