Chapter 14: Continuation..

"Keep in mind this will only work because he is your brother. The blood connection between siblings is a lot stronger than one lets on." Otis said.

Mia nodded. Then Lady Otis took one of Mia's hands on hers and pressed the lighter tight between them. She started chanting in that weird language again. Mia watched as her eyes rolled backwards and turned white, and that's when the shivering began. The woman began moving her head in odd ways, as if she was being possessed by some spirit or something. Mia was about to ask if she was alright when the odd lady spoke: "I see through him...He will face a fire that will engulf the world...He travels and grows to safe them all...Power and strength follow."

"Wait, I don't understand." Mia said. But Lady Otis kept on shaking wildly, returning to her murmurs. Then, several minutes later, her eyes returned to normal and she stopped her weirdness. She looked at Mia then, but no longer as just a customer anymore, but as something else. She had discovered something about the girl that was she found shocking. "That'll be thirty-five dollars." she said.

"What?!" Mia complained. "What do you mean? You didn't tell me anything! At least anything I understood!"

"You came to me for a reading, not an interpretation." Lady Otis said. "And a reading is what I have given."


"I am being generous here." Interrupted Otis. "Because you have a touch of destiny about you, girl. Or else I would've charged you full price. Just know that I have glimpsed through your brother's eye and I saw trees."

"Trees?" Mia said. "But he's in the hospital. You make no sense."

"I have told you what I saw, nothing more."

"No I refuse t-"

"Thirty-five dollars."

"Here!" Mia reached for her purse, took the thirty-five dollars and slammed the bills hard on the table. "This was a waste of my time and money." She said as she stood up and walked away. "I don't know how I convinced myself to come here in the first place...useless."

"Your brother is not where you believe he is." Lady Otis shouted behind her.

Mia stopped on her tracks and looked back at the gypsy lady. "Thanks." She said as sarcastically as possible. "More riddles to decipher." And she stormed out of that stupid and pointless place, never to return. "Screw you, lady." She murmured, as she got in her car. 

She drove to the hospital to go visit her brother.


Mia starred at her sleeping brother. Watched for hours at his unmoving body. She knew next to nothing so far, only what the media knew: That Max and the other four teenagers attended the same high school and, coincidentally enough, also had the same English class. Mia had spoken to the English teacher yesterday but found no useful information to further the case. It was a dead end. It was always a dead end.

But Mia was not going to give up. Not yet, she told herself. This mystery needs to be solved. No, she realized, she needed to solve it. And she will. I just needed to keep on looking. And as hard as it costs her to admit it, she was no longer doing it just for her brother's sake. No. She was wanted to learn the truth for herself.

"Mayra." Her father called. He had come into the room with a sandwich for the both of them.

"Yeah, dad?" 

"Your mother made these. Lets eat."

"Thank you."

"He's a Miller." Her father said while they ate, referring to Max. "We Millers have strong spirit. He'll come out of it. Soon. I know so."

Mia nodded. "I know."

The End

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