Chapter 14: Mia

[EARTH] - Friday afternoon...

Mia shifted uncomfortably on her chair. What was I thinking? She thought. I'd have to be nuts to come to a place like this. Then she remembered the promise she made to her brother. That was the only reason she decided to waste her money and time to go see a psychic. She wasn't a strong believer in such things. But the cause of Max's coma was not physical, so she had to try out the spiritual. She looked around the room. Sitting two seats to her left was a crazy looking homeless man. The reason she assumed he was homeless was because his clothes were ragged and his shoes tattered. What Mia found curious was what he held between his hands: A cross. He seemed to be praying to a god Mia never heard before. She took her gaze off of him and looked at the old lady sitting opposite her. She was old, really old, and beside her sat a child. Her grandson maybe? Mia gussed. The kid played with a phone while the lady read silently some magazine. Alright, that's it. Mia stood up and was half way to the exit when her name was called: "Mia Miller."

Mia looked back to see the psychic lady, Otis, starring at her. "That's me." Mia said.

"Come in." Lady Otis bade. She looked like your typical gypsy from the movies: She wore loosed colorful clothing, lots of dangling jewelry with lots of rattling wrist bracelets, and a red scarf around her forehead. Mia found it a bit funny and had to make some effort not to laugh out loud. Maybe because she didn't believe in psychics, or maybe because the lady looked ridiculous in her peculiar dress. Mia had to keep reminding herself that she was here because her brother needed her.

"Please sit." Lady Otis said. Mia did so and Otis took the sit opposite her. "So," The gypsy said. "How can I help you today?"

"It's my brother actually." Mia explained. "He's been in a deep coma for almost a week now and the doctors cant find anything wrong with him. All the tests are coming back negative and he is just not waking up. I was just wondering if-" she gulped, not sure of how to say the rest. The hell with it, she thought, then said: "I-I don't know...if his spirit is lost or something..."

"Very well." Lady Otis said, calm as ever, and started searching though her stuff. She pulled out a few items and set them on the table: A purple key, a piece of old wood in the shape of a log, an oddly shape rock, and a broken lighter. All useless stuff, really. At least Mia found no meaning behind them. Otis took the items between her hands and started shaking them while murmuring in some odd language Mia never heard before. Then, unexpectedly, she threw the items unto the table, scattering then randomly. Or were they meant to land in a certain order? Mia did not know, nor did she really care.

"Pick one." Lady Otis said.


"I've tied these items to your destiny, child. Each one represents a different desire within your heart. You will be choosing the one connected to that with which you want most in this world. I can only read one fortune at a time, unfortunately, so choose one."

Mia honestly understood about maybe half of what the odd lady had said, but she just went with the flow. She stared at the items before her and tried to guess the meaning behind each. She could understand the key to be connected to some deep secrete or something that she didn't want revealed. But the rest...the rock, the piece wood, and the lighter...what did those meant? Lady Otis knew. "If you truly wish to save your brother," She said. "Then it does not matter which item you choose."

Mia looked up at the lady, nodded, then looked back down at the items. She did wanted to help Max very much. But how could she connected any of these stupid, useless, pieces of trash items to him? Whatever. She reached randomly and grabbed the broken lighter. Simply because it was the one that at least made a bit of sense to her, and the key...she definitely ignored the key entirely. She was in charge of her own secretes.

The gypsy lady smiled. She put away the rest of the items in a bag and asked Mia for the lighter. Mia gave it to her. "Let's begin."

The End

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