Chapter 12: Sarah

Sarah was still in complete denial. She still refuses to believe the reality of the last couple of days: That she had been teleported to some strange world where she was kidnapped and tortured by some vicious-looking men and then rescued by two siblings assassins who claimed she was something they call: A Traveler. Or maybe they had kidnapped her for their own gain? They hadn't mistreated or disrespected her, true, but she didn't choose to go with them? Or did she, deep down? Maybe...

The carriage rode on quietly through the night. Sarah, who hadn't uttered a single word since her rescue, sat by the window staring out into the horizon. She had seen the sunset earlier and had found it truly magical. But her thoughts were somewhere else. Somewhere where it didn't really matter.

Next to her sat Adria, the red haired woman had been doing nothing but complain about things which Sarah didn't really understand. It was something about Judges and a war that was supposedly about to ensue, and about the Travelers being their only hope. Sarah didn't understand any of it. 

Opposite them, sat Aden, Adria's younger brother. He was talking to Garf, the driver, but he occasionally glanced Sarah's way and smiled, and had Sarah been in the real world, she would've blushed. Aden was actually a good looking guy.

Sarah couldn't help as her stomach let out a low growl audible enough for everyone in the small carriage to hear. She blushed then, remembering she had not eaten anything in a very long while. She tried her best to hide her redden cheeks but it was futile.

"There'll be plenty of food where we're going." Aden told her, smiling. That sweet and enamored smile. "You can eat as much as you want. Until your heart's content."

"She'll have to ask for it though." Said Adria. "But I doubt the girl will talk then. If at all. I'm starting to wonder if she's mute."

"I'm sure the girl talks." Aden said to his sister. "She's just shy I guess. I mean...after everything she's been through, who would blame her."

"We'll be there soon." Shouted Garf from the outside. "I personally can't wait to get there."

"Let me guess." Adria said. "So that you can eat until your heart's content."

Garf shook his head, although no one saw the chubby man's gesture. "Unfortunately, my heart is never content when it comes to food." That made the siblings laugh. Sarah couldn't help a smile herself. "Samuel's food is just my favorite."

"You're going to like Samuel's cooking a lot." Aden said to Sarah. "His food is truly amongst the best in Altia. And I'm including the cooks at the Palace too. Nothing compares."

"Let's not give the girl hope." Adria interjected. "If she can't ask for food, she'll get none. The girl needs to start learning to fend for herself starting now."

"I think she still doesn't trust us." Aden said.

"What, wasn't rescuing her sorry hide enough?" Asked Adria, rhetorically. "Maybe we made a mistake after all. Then we've just started a war with the Shadow Council for no nothing."

"I'm sure she's the one." Aden argued. "She has to be."

"I agree with Aiden." Garf said, hearing the whole conversation. "I'm sure the girl-"

"It's Sarah." Sarah interjected, her words drawing the trio's attention. They all fell silent, staring at her, surprised. She had spoken at last!

"What?!" Said Aden.

Sarah looked at him, then at his sister. "My name," She said. "It's Sarah."

The End

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