Chapter 11: Mia

[EARTH] - Wednesday night

The news spread like wildfire and in the spawn of merely two days, many in the United States knew the story about the five teenagers who had mysteriously collapsed into a deep coma. The story was broadcasted throughout most T.V channels and many radio stations.

The comatosed teenagers were taken to Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach. The hospital had become the center of attention for both reporters and curious onlookers.  Even the FBI had sent their top detectives to collect valuable information they could gather from the teenager's families and friends to help solve the strange case. For it was truly strange that five, seemingly random individuals, so apart from each other, had suddenly entered a coma on the same day and on the exact same time.


Mia had to squeeze through a huge crowd of curious onlookers and greedy reporters alike to reach her brother's room. Her mom was there beside him, holding his hand with watery eyes. "Mom." placed a hand on her mother's shoulder for comfort. "How is he?"

"They just finished doing all sorts of tests and exams on him."


"They all came back negative." Her mother said, more tears running down her cheeks. "The doctor said that physically he's fine, but..." Her voice trailed off as she started crying again, probably for the tenth time that day.

"Then he's going to be fine." Mia told her, trying her best to beat her own tears back and console her mother. "As long as he's physically healthy, he'll be ok. I'm sure the doctors are trying their hardest to unravel this mystery."

Her mother sobbed and looked up at her daughter, forcing a smile. Then she hugged her tightly around her arms. "Everything's gonna be fine mom." Mia assured her, but her watery eyes otherwise. She quickly wiped them off  and added: "Max is fine. He will be fine."

Her mother nodded and stood, once again she hugger her, then said: "Your father's passing by after work. He'll be staying the night."

"Ok." Mia said. "I'll let him know."

Her mom left the room, crying despite her efforts not to. Mia couldn't blame her though. Max was still alive and well, true, but he was also in what it seemed to be an endless coma and had shown no signs of ever waking again.

Mia sat beside her younger brother and finally let all her tears out. Was he dreaming? She wondered. And if he was, then what was it about? And why him? And the other four which lay on their on beds with their loved ones equally mourning at their side? It was so strange that they all fell at the same time despite being miles apart. But the strangest thing of them all was that the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with them. Nothing physically at least. "What are you dreaming about little brother?" She asked herself all these questions and wondered all these things, but the truth was: She hadn't the faintest idea of what was happening to her little brother. She wanted to figure out what was wrong with Max. She needed to. "I'll find out what's wrong with you. I promise."

She told the truth.

The End

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