Chapter 8: Continuation.

Reks walked to the window - grabbing his bow on the way - and opened it. "Let's go." He said to Max as he crossed over the small window. Max watched him jump and land skillfully, breaking into a forward roll to minimize the fall damage. "Come on." He urged Max. "Jump"

Max swallowed hard, a bit scared. But after Reks shouted at him again, he finally crossed one leg over the window and then, slowly, the other. Then he hesitated, looking down and not feeling too well. He never thought he'd be afraid of heights. Then again, he'd never been in such a situation.

"What are you waiting for?" Reks asked, looking up at the struggling boy. "It's not that bad of a fall."

Max heard the sound of men banging on the door behind him - as if trying to knock it open -  and shouting ;"Royal Guard! Open the door!" That gave Max the boost he needed. He prayed to god and jumped, landing on both his foot and feeling the stinging pain shot up his legs. He tried to do a forward roll like Reks had done, but failed miserably and fell on his back. Reks helped him up, smiling. "You alright?" he asked. Max nodded. It took a few minutes for the pain to subside and for him to walk properly again. "This way." Reks led him through the back of the Inn and through an alley. They moved cautiously through the houses, careful not to be spotted by anyone.

They made a sharp turn down the alley and Max couldn't help but look towards the street. When he noticed the white stallion and paused. His eyes moved up the horse, and atop the thoroughbred - sitting on its saddle - was a tall man fully clad in plate armor, like a knight's. He was talking to a younger man about something. Max couldn't hear, nor did he care. He was already worried about something else: An immense wave of energy which seemed emanate from the powerful knight in plate armor. Max found himself frozen there, baffled at the sight, unable to comprehend or understand why. It reminded him of the encounter with the white tiger, but unlike then, he felt no presence here, only that sense of helplessness and uselessness. His body felt heavy and he was unable to move a muscle. No. He could move, his body just wouldn't respond to his command.

"Max!" Reks pulled him out of sight, right as the knight turned to look his way. "What the hell are you doing? You want the Judge to see you?"

It took Max a moment to collect himself and get over that feeling. Then he said: "That's the Judge?"

"Yes, and if we don't keep moving he'll find us."

"Right." Max nodded. "Lead the way."

Reks cut through some more houses, through some bushes behind the stables, and finally found a small hole on the southern wall, like planned. Max followed Reks through the hole and out of the village. Not far from Vahall, Val was waiting for them with the three-already-saddled horses, one of which carried their supplies. They quickly got on and rode away from the village. Max rode with Reks as they left the village behind. He couldn't help a shiver as he remember that feeling again. That Judge, whoever he was, was something else. Something he couldn't explain. One question popped in his head; What kind of world is this?

The End

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