Chapter 8: Max

Max still felt a bit tired after Reks woke him. Deep inside he had actually hoped to wake up back home. Back in the comfort of his room and realized that everything that had happened so far was all but a dream. But it wasn't a dream, he had to accepted that fact. He had to accept that getting back was not going to be anytime soon. The world he was in was as real as it gets. 

"What are you doing?" He asked, after watching Reks slid some arrows into his quiver and place the quiver on his back, tightly securing it around his chest. "Where are you going?"

"We can't stay here." Reks said. "We have to move on."


"It's a long story and I'm sure you'd rather want to remember things than be asking about my stories."

"True enough." Max said, deciding at that moment to follow Reks  and learn everything he can about this world he was stuck in. Maybe even learn how he got there and why was he there in the first place.


Val burst into room and shut the door behind her. "We can't go through the front door." She said.

"Why?" Reks asked.

Val looked at Max first before speaking. "There's a Jugde outside the village. He's sending Royal Guards to search the houses and Inn."


"Him." She pointed at Max. "They're looking for him. They're not giving any reasons other than orders."

Reks looked at Max and thought for a moment, as if realizing something. Then he smiled and turned to Val. "Then I guess we go through the windows."

"Why not just turn him in?" Val suggested. "If the Judges want him then you know what it means."

"I do." Reks nodded. Then he added: "Either that or..." he looked at Max once again, thinking. He didn't finish the thought though. "Val, you go out through the front and saddle our horses. Have everything ready at the southern wall. Max and I will take the alleys and meet you there."

"You're not seriously considering-"

"Enough!" Reks snapped, for first time since Max had met him at the forest. "You were the one that 'chose' to follow me, Valeria, or did you forget? I hold no chains over you. If you disagree with my decisions then you are free to go."

There was a moment of silence as Reks and Val looked into each other's eyes. Max felt a bit awkward because everything that's happening right now seems to be his fault, even though he was thoroughly clueless about it all. He wondered what was it that this girl had against him. Why did she hate him so? And what the hell was this Judge? A cascade of questions ran through Max's mind at that moment, none of which he'll find an answer to so he stayed quite.

"I'll saddle the horses." She said finally giving Max one last disapproving look before walking out the room, clearly not happy about this.

Reks locked the door behind her. "Vahall is no longer safe."

The End

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