Chapter 7: Mia

[EARTH] - Sunday noon

The Millers were not a particularly rich family by any means, but they were proud people who wanted nothing less than the best for their children. So now, Mia Miller drove her new car: A white Corolla bought for her for her twenty-first's birthday that year. It had been her happiest day yet. Now, she drove down the streets with the windows lowered and enjoying the breeze of Miami. She was on her way home after spending the morning at Dolphin Mall, which at the end, she decided it'd be best to save her money for something productive. A decision taught to her by her father.

Her phone started ringing. She waited to stop at a red light before answering: "Hello?"

"Mia, hey it's Claudia."

"Claudia. Hi. What's up?"

"So you gotta tell me. Did 'he' called you or not?"

"He did, just like you said he would."

"I knew it! Aaaaaand...?"

"He asked me out on a date." Mia said. "Tonight."

The traffic lights turned green and Mia drove on, making a left turn on the next block, towards her neighborhood. A rather peaceful one, she might add. On the phone, her friend said: "Well I'm happy for you. You really deserve this Mia, you know?"

"I know."

"Just try to make it work this time. Jasper's a nice guy, you'll see."

"I'm sure he is."

"Right. Well. I gotta go. John just got home. I'll talk you later, bye."


Mia put the phone on her purse. She reached her house at the far end of the neighborhood -several minutes later - and parked. Glad to be home at last.


"Something smells good." Mia said as she greeted her mother who happened to be cooking lunch on that fine Sunday noon. White rice with beans and steak. A favorite of Mia's. "What's the special occasion?" She asked, for it was truly a special occasion for her mother to be cooking on a Sunday when she rarely does on weekends.

"Your father had to work today, so I was bored."

"Really mom?" Mia teased. "You were bored?"

"Oh, ha. ha. ha."

Mia grabbed a spoon and tasted the rice. "Wow. Not bad. Can't wait to taste the steak." 

"So did you buy something at the mall?" Her mother asked, as she stirred the beans. Mia shook her head and said: "I'm gonna take dad's advice."

"Good choice."

Mia shrugged.

"Max! Lunch is ready!"

"Coming ma!"

"Bet you he's playing video games." Mia said. Her mother nodded. Mia continued; "I think he said something about having a history test tomorrow? He should be studying, mom. His grades are dropping."

"He'll be." Her mom said. "Right after lunch I'll have a good talk with him about how to balance school with games."

"Good idea." Mia agreed.

"Why couldn't he have turned out like you? Matured, collected, and organized with his stuff. You should be his example you know. You're his big sister."

Mia shrugged. "I don't know. Ask him."

"Max! Lunch!"

"I said I was going already!"

 "Should I go get him?" Mia offered.


Mia nodded and headed upstairs to her little brother's room. She opened the door and went inside, not bothering to knock like he demanded of her to do each time she came into his room. She found Max laying on the floor. Not moving. She tried to wake him but he seemed to be unconscious. Something was wrong. Mia was starting to feel her heart race. "Mom!" She called, fear creeping into her. "Mom! Call the ambulance!"

The End

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