Chapter 6: Continuation...

There were bodies - many of them - dead. They were cut and sliced, with blood splattered everywhere. It was like a human slaughterhouse, and Sarah was there, staring at the gruesome sight with no words or thoughts going through her mind at that moment. Only shock and fear.

"These savages will not hurt another innocent soul." A voice said from behind her, which startled her. "Ever." The young man grabbed her arm. "We need to get out of here." He said. "Now." He pulled her along. Sarah was too traumatized by the sight, that she let herself be pulled, not sure of what to do. Not sure of anything for that matter. The sight had left her speechless.

They came upon some stairs leading upwards. He pulled her up those stairs and through a door. Then they were in another room, a much larger one. A foyer of some old and rotten house. More dead bodies. More blood. Sarah was in the verge of passing out. A hand grabbed her by the shoulder. The attacker pulled her away from the young man's grasp and smacked her against the wall, pulling out a knife and holding it under her throat. "We should've killed you when we first captured you, you little runt." He pressing the the knife against her neck. 

Sarah screamed. Then saw a sword emerged from the man's chest, piercing his heart heart. The man stared at Sarah, shock in his face, and whispered; "You're dead. You're all dead." He dropped to the floor, blood oozing out from the hole in his chest, and died. Sarah starred at her rescuer as he cleaned the blade of his sword with the clothes of the fallen man and placed it back in its sheath. Their eyes met for a moment. A moment were Sarah felt something. Something she couldn't explain.

"Must've missed that one." The young man said. He grabbed her arm again, and this time she accepted it. "Come on." He led her through the main entrance, through the double doors, and to the out side. Finally out of that damned place. It was then that Sarah finally saw the sky for the first time in what felt like an eternity. The night was cold, but she felt nothing. Only shock and horror.

"Aden!" A voice called, coming from around the house. Sarah yelp, thinking it might be another one of those man wanting to kill her. It wasn't.

"It's alright." The young man, Aden, said. "That's just my sister, Adria."

The woman approached them and sheathed her sword, which was also covered in blood. She looked at Sarah and then at Aden. "Is this her?"

Aden nodded with a smile. "She's the one."

Sarah couldn't make out the face of the woman so well because of the darkness, but she did noticed her long, laced, red hair and her eyes which matched her brother's green color. Her voice also sounded much more matured, which meant she was the older of the siblings. She looked into the distance as if expecting something. "Where is that damn fool?" the man said annoyingly. "I already sent the signal."

Aden let out a laugh, which lasted until his sister shot him a glare. "You know Garf." He said afterwards. "Probably waiting for some sort of dramatic entrance."

"We have no time for his games now, Aden." Adria shot back. "There's a Judge on his way here."


Sarah obviously had no idea what was going on, and while they spoke, she did thought about running away into the woods and losing them in the darkness, but she thought about all those dead bodies and rethought her strategy. These two might not look it, but they were dangerous people. People which she was better off not angering. Besides, they had saved her after all. Even if she didn't want to, she was kind of thankful to them.

"There he is!" Adria said, looking into the distance again. Sarah could see the silhouetted of something approaching. A car? No not a car, she realized as it got close. It was a carriage, pulled by two powerful brown stallions. It pulled over right before the trio. "Hey, yo." The driver, a chubby-looking man greeted. He had to apologize though, as soon as he saw Adria's face.

"You're late." Adria said.

The chubby driver, Garf, looked at Sarah and asked: "Is she the one?"  

Aden nodded, and bade her to get on. Having no choice in the matter, Sarah stepped into the carriage, and at that very moment, the last thing on her mind was the break up with her boyfriend.

The End

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