Chapter 6: Sarah

Her tears cascaded down her slender cheeks. Sarah cried not because of pain - because she did felt pain, both physical and emotional - no, she cried because she had been tortured since she was kidnapped after being teleported out of her house. She wasn't sure how long it's been since she was captured but it felt like days. She had no idea where she was and how to cope with the situation she was in. 

They had been asking her questions, questions which she had no answers to. Once every couple of hours she was taken from her cell into a room and a robed man would ask her questions. Who are the rest of the travelers? How many are still alive? Where are they hiding? Sarah had no idea what they were talking about, and when she said she didn't know, they would hit her hard across her face. She was tied to a chair so she couldn't dodge the blows. Now she cried as she waited for the robed man to come and ask the questions again. Her's were tears of fear and helplessness. Her face was all covered in bruises and her eyes swollen. She had been put a world of pain and suffering. Maybe god was punishing her. Maybe this was all a test of faith.

 The door opened for the second time that day, or was it night? She could not tell. She held back her tears, knowing that crying was an excuse for the hooded man to hit her, like he had done many times before. But it was not the hooded man that had entered the room, or his bodyguards. It was a young looking guy, wearing a simple loosed shirt and pants. But what frighten her was the sword he held on his right hand. The blade of the weapon was covered in blood.

He approached her, his face showing no ill intent. But the sword he held seemed to show otherwise. "What have these savages done to you?" He said, gently wiping the blood off of Sarah's cheek with his left hand. Sarah turned her head away from his touch. She couldn't help but look at his sword, all covered in blood, and imagine what he might do to her. Was he going to kill her? Cut off her head like he probably had done  to other people?

The young man seemed to have noticed the fear in her eyes and backed away. "It's alright" He said, putting his sword away. "I'm not here to hurt you. On the contrary, I'm here to rescue you. I know how it looks, but you shouldn't be afraid." 

Sarah said nothing, only stared at him, still afraid. Why shouldn't she be? After everything she's been through. After all the torture?

The young man pulled out a small knife from his belt and slowly approached her, trying his best not to frighten Sarah to no avail. She shook on her chair, screaming in fear. But the young man didn't do what she had expected him to do. He simply cut the ropes binding her to the chair and those wrapped around her arms and legs. As soon as he finished, She sprung from the chair and ran towards the door, expecting the man to grab her by the arm and stop her, but to her surprise he didn't. He simply watched her go.

Sarah opened the door and ran out of the hellish room and into a hallway. But as soon as she stepped out, she froze, her eyes wide in terror and her mouth open in shock...

The End

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