Chapter 5: Max

Two Gaurds met the trio at the village's entrance. Reks told them they were just travelers and were looking for no trouble. The guards nodded and opened the gate.

"There's the Inn." Val pointed to the largest building in the village. Max couldn't help but notice how small the village was, counting no more than twenty buildings in all, including the houses. He also noticed the absence of technology almost immediately. There were no cars, and the buildings were all made of wood. It looked like a medieval village straight out of the fantasy book.

The trio entered the Inn and picked a table near the counter, making themselves comfortable there. Max was glad to finally relax and feel the warmth of the place fill his body. To be honest, he didn't even think he would've made it this far. He was certain that the wolf was going to be the last thing he saw. It was thanks to this Reks guy who was nice enough to save his life and help him get here.

"Val, why dont you get us something to eat and and drink?" Reks said, handing her a few silver coins. "And a place for the night."

Val nodded, but before leaving, she shot Max an annoyed glance before walking away. When she was out of ear's reach, Max asked Reks what her problem was. "Why does she hate me? What did I do wrong?"

"She doesn't hate you." Reks said. "We're running from someone, Max, and rescuing you has diminished the distance we had from that person."

"So why did you?"

"Why did I, what?"

"Rescue me?" Max said.

"I wasn't going to let you die, was I?"

Max nodded. "Right." Then added: "Well, thanks I guess."

"You're welcome."

Val returned to the table a minute later and sat beside Reks. Max looked around and noticed a couple of men drinking - what Mas guessed to be - beer. They were winking and flirting with the barmaids.

"How did you end up at Vahall forest?" Reks asked, which brought Max's attention to the table. Max shrugged. "I have no idea. One moment I was in my room when all of a sudden everything around me changed and then I was in the middle of a forest. I have no idea where on Earth I am. Do you know if this is close to the United States or..." Max stopped talking the moment he noticed Reks and Val exchanged that look again. The same one from when Max mentioned the Phone. Perhaps he should stop talking. He tried to remedy the situation by saying: "I mean...I don't know."

"I told you." Val said, laughing out loud, "This kid's crazy, Reks. He obviously lost his mind. I don't even know why we went through the trouble of-"

"So you don't remember how you got there?" Reks interjected, ignoring Val.

"No." Max lied. "No, not really." It was better to pretend to have amnesia and not know anything than to be seen as a crazy lunatic like Val pointed out.

Reks smiled, that strange smile that seemed as if he knew something but wouldn't say it. He said: "At least you remember your name." Max nodded, a bit confused, but hopeful that Reks bought the lie. "Can you help me remember?" Max asked. Maybe if he knew where in hell he was, he could find a way back home. 


"You're joking?!" Val said.

"Nope." Reks said. "I'll answer any questions you have, Max, but tomorrow. You've probably been through a lot in the forest. You need rest. We need rest."

Max couldn't have agreed more. After they ate their small meal - Max devoured his in seconds - they made their way to their rented room. Warmed and comfortable. Sound and peacefully. Max thought about home, about his family. What would they be thinking then? Did they missing? Those thoughts brought tears to his eyes, which he tried to hide from Reks and Val. That night Max cried for hours before finally falling asleep.

The End

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