Chapter 4: Alan

Darkness. Complete and utter darkness was all that he could see as he slowly sank into the depths of the ocean. Was this it? Alan thought; is this how I'm going to die? Two large eyes emerged from that darkness. He couldn't make out the shape of the creature that was before him but he knew it was large. He wasn't afraid of it, though, not anymore. He knew he was going to die no matter what he tried. He had given up on life the moment the waves had overcome his strength, so he had decided to greet his demise with pride and hoped to wake up and realize that this was all just a horrible nightmare.

The giant sea creature blinked once, its eyes as large as a basket ball, but it did not make any other movement. It just stared at Alan passively. Alan just wanted it to end. He wanted death to take him away. He closed his eyes and -

- A loud cracking noise jolted him awake. It was just a dream, he realized, and for  split second he actually believed he was back in his room. Back home. But he wasn't. Instead, he found himself in a strange, half empty room he'd never seen before. A room made of wood. He tried to remember how he'd gotten there, but his memory was a blur. The last thing he remember was drowning, helplessly sinking into that darkness, and that creature starring back at him. He couldn't even remember how he had survived. Or maybe he didn't? He chose not to think about it too much. He got up from the bed and surveyed the room. He noticed a hole on the wall next to the bed, and looking through it, he saw a ship with white sails in the distance. His eyes came down, and he spotted movement. He squinted to take a closer look. Two men, one was loading up what looked to be a cannon while the other lit a sort of match. It took Alan a second to realize what was going on and threw himself to the floor.

The cannon ball burst through the wall, missing him by mere inches, and blew the door into bits and pieces. Wood scattered in all direction. Scared and once again confused, Alan ran outside through what was left of the door and saw a man, sword raised, yell: "It's the Judgement!" and run upstairs to the deck. It didn't take much thought on Alan's part to realize he was a ship and the sounds of swords clashing, cannons firing, wood breaking, and men shouting, told him he was in the middle of a battle. He ran up to the deck and felt like he had stepped into the middle of a war. He quickly found a corner behind some stairs and hid there, watching as the fighting developed. He had no idea what in hell was going on. It was obvious that it was a fight between pirates, but which side was which, he didn't know. To him it looked like a brawl of pirates. His attention was immediately drawn to one pirate in particular. She fought with grace, her swords moving accurately through the air with incredible speed and skill. She, alone, took on two other men who seemed frustrated that they couldn't lay a hand on a girl half their age, even though it was two against one.

Then, suddenly, someone shouted, "Mar!" and the fighting ceased. Immediately, all attention was upon one man. He appeared from the ship with white sails wearing a long blue captain's coat and white hat which he adjusted. All eyes were upon him jumped unto the ship where Alan lay hiding. "Who is the captain of this ship?" The man's voice was strong and orated. It was gentle and yet intimidating. Like a captain of feared reputation.

"That'd be me." A big and robust man, over six feet tall, answered, jumping down from the bridge. He had been fighting five opponents, two of which lay dead beneath his feet. "Captain Agon."

"My name is-"

"I know who yeh are." The big man interjected. "You are  the great blue eyes Mar. Captain o'the Queen's Judgement."

"And yet you dare attack my ship?" Mar's tone was calm and collected, even after being rudely interrupted earlier which had draw a few gasps and looks from his crew-mates.

"Aye, I did." Agon replied. "To face you."

"Surrender and I will spare you, your ship, and crew." Mar said, simply.

"I care not for me crew or ship." Agon lifted his huge great-sword as if it weighted nothing. "I was sent to kill you and that's what I be doing."

"You wish to duel me in fair combat?" Mar spoke as if the declaration was laughable.

"Aye." Agon raised his great-sword and challenged: "Draw your sword."

Mar gestured to his crew, "I need a weapon." and the closest man handed him a small sword, which Mar swung a few times to get the feel of it.  Agon didn't seem too please with this though. "You wont face me with your own sword?"

"You are not worthy to be cut down by Saemada." Mar stated. "Now come, I'll allow you the first move."

Angry as a bull, Agon lifted his great-sword with one hand and charged. He swung downward in an arc - meaning to end the fight with one powerful blow - shouting and yelling like mad man. Alan was able to see Mar pivot, dodging the strike with blinding speed, and swing. A second later, Agon's great-sword sank into the wood. It took a few seconds for the big man to realize what has happened and to fall to his knees. A large wound across his chest showed he never stood a chance.

"You said someone sent you to kill me?" Mar said, handing the sword he used back to its owner.

"You're going to die." Agon scoffed and coughed blood. "You're all going to die.  My master will burn yeh all. Aahahahaha...."

"Who is your master?"

"He will burn this word. Ahaha..." Those were the pirate's last words. The wound on his chest had been fatal. He died laughing. 

Mar looked to the rest of Agon's petrified crew and stated; "I will sink this ship. Those of you who wish to hold on to dear life and face Judgement, drop your weapons." 

Having lost their captain and the battle, Agon's crew dropped their swords without hesitation. Mar nodded and walked back to his ship, while his crew place chains on Agon's men and led them to his ship.

Alan was not part of Agon's crew, but he had no choice in the matter if he wanted to survive. He came out of hiding and played along. The girl he saw earlier walked past him, meeting his eyes for an instant before following her captain and dissappear into the ship's cabin

Alan was forced to watch as Agon's ship was cannoned down and sank into the bottom of the ocean. His only thought in that moment was; What kind of world have I gotten myself  into?

The End

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