Chapter 3: Continuation.

After several minutes of confusion and guessing where on Earth he was, Max finally relaxed. He looked around saw only trees and grass. The forest seemed endless, almost unending. He wasn't sure how long it had been since he had somehow magically appeared in that forest, but it felt like hours. He did notice something strange though, something he hadn't considered before. His clothes had changed also. He wore what he thought to be some medieval clothing; shirt and pants. Strange, he thought. It had taken him hours before he finally realized that this was no dream, even after considering suicide to wake up home, and to accept the reality of his situation which wasn't an easy thing to do. He was stuck there, wherever there was. He took a deep breath to relax and calm his anxiety. After accepting the reality of his situation, he  decided to climb one of the trees to at least see an end to the forest. It took him some time to get as high as he could, and in the distance, he saw an open field not too far. Maybe a couple of miles, he guessed. "Maybe I should just go in that direction." The last thing he wanted was to be spotted by that tiger again.

Hours passed. Or at least it felt like hours to him. He thought about home and the comfort of his room. There was a time, back when he was fourteen, when he had wished he could go hiking in a forest and now that he was actually lost in one, he couldn't believe he had actually considered it before. "Damn, damn, damn..." He kept on muttering under his breath as he walked. He was careful not to scream - even thought he had the urges to do so - so as to not attract unwanted attention from the white tiger. 

He stopped after several minutes to climb another tree to see how much progress he had made. The plains weren't far now, maybe a couple of more hours and he'll be out of that damned forest. Then he could fine someone that could tell him where he was. As he descended from the tree, a branch broke and he lost his grip. Pain surged on his spine when he hit the floor. A wave of excruciating pain washed over him and he lost consciousness.

The End

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