Chapter 2: Sarah

Sarah walked into her living room holding a cup of water. She handed the cup to her boyfriend with a bright "Here you go!" and a wide smile, then settled comfortably beside him on the over-sized couch. "Oh, uh, thanks," he muttered in reply, taking the cup without meeting her eyes. He shifted away from her and rubbed his thumb absentmindedly on the glass, staring down into the water. Sarah frowned and crossed her arms, her head cocked to the side quizzically

Today he was acting weird, Sarah noticed. He hadn't talked much since he came through the door, and it seemed as if he wanted to say something but was nervous about it. Sarah pretended she didn't notice. She just wanted to be by his side and cuddle. But after a long and awkward silence, she finally decided to speak out. "Is something you wanna tell me, babe?" She said at last.

He nodded, trying to avoid eye contact. "What is it?" She asked.

"It's just that-that this is just not working out between us, babe, I'm sorry." He didn't even looked into her eyes as he spoke. The words had struck Sarah hard though, and sudden. She nearly burst into tears. She tried to pretend she had misunderstood what he said, but it was futile. "Is it because of Jannet?" She asked.


"Oh my god, I knew it!" She had suspected it all along, but she refused to see the facts because of her love for him. "I was so stupid. I chose to trust you even thought...even though I..." The urges to cry were getting stronger, making it hard for her to speak clearly.

"I'm sorry." He said, trying console her by putting a gentle hand on her shoulder. "I didn't mean to-"

"Don't touch me!" She snapped, and removed his hand off of her shoulder. She stood, not wanting to be near him. Tears washed down her cheeks. "If you wanna go out with that slut, then by all means, go. Get out of my house, I don't ever want to-"

~~~Her words were cut off. Everything around began to blur and scatter, as if reality itself had been cut into pieces. She was no longer in her living room. The transition had happened so fast and so sudden that it left her disoriented for several seconds. It took her a few seconds to realize what had happened. When she recovered, she found herself in an alley, filled with garbage and trash cans. For a moment, she froze, speechless and confused. Then she started to hear voices, like a crowd of people talking and yelling. A bit scared and confused, she walked out of the alley, towards the chatter. What the hell? she thought. She was in the middle of what she guessed to be a...Market Square? Everywhere there were stalls with items to sell. Hundreds of people walking about, arguing, selling, and buying; vegetables for sale among many things. She had forgotten all about her break up then. About Prom, and about her boyfriend. She just stood there, confused and scared.

At the center of the Square was huge sign. And in big letters, it read: Vahal.

Sarah was about to go ask a nearby woman where she was and what had happened when she felt something hard hit her head. Then everything went black.

The End

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