Chapter 1: Alan

The pass had been perfect. Alan caught the basketball firmly with both hands and burst into action. Dribbling, he zigzagged through his opponents with incredible agility and speed. He ran to the opposite basket and took the shot. The ball  went right through the hoop unhindered. 


Alan was met with "Well done's" and "Nice shot's" by his fellow teammates, which he took with a beaming smile. His buddy Carl came up to him and patted him on the back. "Sweet shot, man." He said. "Wish I had your skills,"

"Thanks," Alan replied with a high-five. "Took years to develop." They both laughed.

A crowd of onlookers watched as the game progressed. Alan found himself a bit distracted by their stares though, knowing that they were actually looking at him. He was the star player on the court, easily outplaying the other team and scoring more than half the points for his team. He was actually glad they were playing at a public park, and not at school. He always got nervous when others stared, especially other students. That was  one of the main reason why he hasn't tried for the school's basketball team and enjoyed playing street basketball instead. He wasn't much for fame seeking.

More and more people joined in to watch the game. It was a hot and sunny Sunday and Alan was already starting to feel the effects of the heat. He still had the stamina to go on, but he knew he was too tired to play his fullest anymore. He didn't run as fast and occasionally, when the other team controlled the ball, he took some time to rest a bit. About an hour passed, and the scores finally tied. Now, the pressure was on as each team wanted to grab the lead. Minutes went by, where the crowd of about twenty or so people, sheered for Alan's team. The boys were tired, and although they were playing for the fun of it, both teams really wanted to take the win. Normally they would gladly leave it as a tie, but this time there were people watching and they wanted the pleasure of winning in front of a crowd. So they pushed on.

As he ran down the court to defend, Alan noticed the strange boy standing at the center of the park, awkwardly starring up at the sky and smiling, as if waiting for someone or something. It took a moment, but Alan recognized him. It was-

"Alan!" Carl shouted.

Alan looked back to see his friend who had managed to steal the ball from the opposite team and was already running towards the enemy basket. He was being pressured by two boys and was having trouble dribbling. "Catch!" Carl shouted. Alan nodded and positioned himself for the pass. Carl shot the ball, but it never reached Alan's hand.

~~~Alan was no longer in the basketball court. In fact, he wasn't even standing on ground anymore. The shift had been too quick for him to comprehend what had happened. The first thing he felt was cold, followed by pressure. Suddenly and unexpectedly, he found himself underwater and holding his breath. It had taken him several seconds for him regain control of his body. When he recognized the danger, he swam up to surface, taking a deep breath of air the moment his head surfaced. A wave of salt water washed over him, submerging him. He resurfaced seconds later and took another deep breath.

He felt his heart race as fear began to sink into the reality of his situation. Unsure of what else to do, he decided to look around in all directions, but found nothing but water surrounding him for miles and miles. He was lost in the middle of an ocean, in the middle of nowhere, and he was scared. Terrified. He squinted around once more, trying to find something, anything at all. And there, in the distance, he managed to spot a silhouette of something...a ship maybe? There was no way to tell from that distance. But it didn't really matter. It was something, and fighting through his fears, he swam towards the silhouette as fast as he could, which wasn't much. He was already too tired to make any progress. Then he felt a strong current of water rush by him from below and with the back of his eyes he managed to spot a large shadowy figure swim below him. What the hell was that? He wondered. His heart pounding in his chest, matching the look of horror in his eyes. He kept on swimming, pausing every second to take a deep breath. He could still see the silhouette of the ship in the distance, but he knew he wasn't going to make it. There was no way to make it. He gave up and accepted his fate.  Below him, he saw that creature again, huge as a whale. No, he realized, whatever that thing was, it was bigger. 

The next thing Alan remember was sinking, slowly drowning into the deeps of the ocean. Before losing consciousness, he glimpsed two large eyes staring back at him. Then, there was darkness...

The End

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